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We’ve already known for a while that tabletop gamers can really benefit from 3D printing technology to produce fun and original models for their Warhammer evenings and so on, but most of those initiatives are small or even one-off projects as design is just so time consuming for adequate fantasy models. Thanks to a new Spanish initiative by Imagine 3D Miniatures called Mounted Heroes, that could all become much easier in the near future. Tomorrow, they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for an online design platform where you can easily create original and very cool heroes and their mounts, and send it out for 3D printing immediately afterwards.

Imagine 3D Miniatures is led by David Pérez and includes 3D modelers, illustrators, designers and programmers, who have spent the last year thinking about a new way to bring original fantasy miniatures to fans everywhere as easily as possible. How can the design of 3D printable models become accessible to everyone? Their solution was to build a digital platform filled with options for creating miniatures from a combination of components. It’s called Mounted Heroes, which can theoretically be used to create millions of different characters, they say.

‘Mounted Heroes uses a web application, from which you can select the different families of miniatures. The components are displayed and combined  through a 3d viewer […], allowing you at any time to see how the figure is customized. Once the composition is finished , you can save the Miniature and create your own collection to modify it, 3d print it or share it with other users,’ the team from Madrid-based Imagine 3D Miniatures explain.

This freedom in design reaches every aspect of character creation, including the race, pose, mount, weapons or equipment and clothing. ‘Select the combination of armor between different helmets, shoulder pads, breastplates, pants and boots and also the shape of the base. You can also select the mount armor. You can print the model on foot or mounted and make it evolve as you gain experience or get equipment in your gaming,’ they say. In short, everything you need for very original models for any wargaming or roleplaying adventure you want to try.

Promo clip for Mounted Heroes.

At least, that is what this project will hopefully become. For now, they finished designs for the human and orc races, each with multiple component and modeling options. They have also created six mount options (a horse, griffin and dragon), for which armor is also possible. ‘With the idea of creating two antagonists, human and orc races, we make the human with a noble appearance and as an honorable warrior in opposition to the barbarian orc. Covered by a powerful and elaborate ornate armor, the human knight is inspired by the Gothic Knights of the XV and XVI century and the Spanish infantry of the time, but with a fantasy touch of our own,’ they say. ‘For the orc warrior, rival of the human knight, we wanted to create a fierce, aggressive and bloodthirsty character.’

But the idea is that whatever you create, will be 3D printed for you. ‘3D printing certainly has advantages over traditional miniatures, in addition to customization, allowins rescale the miniatures, also allows the inclusion of articulated parts , or certain parts that for  its complexity would be impossible to perform them with traditional injection molding plastic parts,’ the Spanish designers say.

To do so, they will team up with Shapeways as a 3D printing provider. You will become able to directly order printing through their online platform, choosing from two materials: plastic or acrylic. The former is cheaper and more durable (though features a lower quality), while the acrylic is transparent and very detailed, though you obviously pay the price for that.

But before getting there, this project needs to be financed first, for which the Spanish team is turning to Kickstarter. They will seek to raise the ambitious sum of $30,000, which they will use to improve the and launch the platform and web shop, as well as design as much models as they can. ‘Although it is not the purpose of this Kickstarter, your support will encourage us to keep working in an evolutionary tabletop game that will take advantage of the benefits of 3D printing and miniature customization,’ they conclude.

If you’re interested, pledge your support tomorrow. Of course, pledges will enable you to get your hands on one of these gorgeous 3D printed fantasy models, with $30 being enough to get the human hero. Check it out!



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