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For those who have ever considered plastic surgery to fix cosmetic imperfections or even scars that have been left behind from an injury, one of the more frustrating aspects of the process has been in visualizing what the intended results may look like.  While 2D imagery programs such as Adobe Photoshop can illustrate to some degree what the results of a surgical procedure might be, seeing the results in 3D form can provide an entirely different experience.  

Founded by New York plastic surgeon Carrie Stern, MirrorMe3D is a new 3D printing service that helps clients better understand what they would like in a three-dimensional form before undergoing the knife for procedures ranging from nose-jobs to facelifts.    

While the service will certainly do wonders for plastic surgery consultation sessions, Stern will also be launching the service as a public portal for anybody to be able to turn a photo into a three-dimensional 3D print based on an existing face or body part - be it your own or a loved one’s.

According to Stern, the 3D printed models take an average of two weeks to process, fabricate and send back and can cost anywhere from $60-$300 depending on the size and complexity.  Already, Stern has had requests for those wanting bronze-plated breasts as well as a life-sized body double for someone who is running late to their office.      

Although the service is open to printing a wide variety of body parts, Stern notes that when it comes to printing other people’s body parts, “we can’t print things like that without permission.”  

While Stern is surely going to see an interest from the general public who wish to have their own custom 3D prints made, it is perhaps the service for other cosmetic surgeons where she will really see a surge in business - particularly in using the 3D printed body parts as a sales tool.     

Among other benefits of the service include the ability to enhance meeting with potential clients - not unlike what product designers and architects already do when discussing designs with their clients.  Additionally, adding 3D printing services can expand marketing potential for cosmetic surgeons that want to have a ‘leg-up’ with the latest technologies.  Finally, the ability to display actual results in the office in 3D form rather than in 2D images could be significantly more convincing for potential patients who are wondering how previous surgeries were performed by the surgeon.


Whether you’re involved with plastic surgery or are just simply interested in finding out more about the unique service and Stern herself, you can find out more by heading over to MirrorMe3D.  



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