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Although we’ve been seeing major developments in both 3D printers and 3D scanners over the past few months - as well as the actual materials that are used to print out the final 3D models - there have also been a significant amount of updates to the actual software platforms that make the physical object creation experience as seamless as possible.

While some users may be dedicated towards staying in their product ecosystems - such as using MakerWare with their MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer - an increasing amount of users are finding use in universal software platforms due to both their power and flexibility as well as their ability to work with a wide range of 3D printers.  

Among others that have proven to be reliable over the past couple of years is Simplify3D, which was founded with the goal of streamlining the 3D printing experience based off of both the lessons learned and the involvement in open-source and grassroots 3D printing initiatives.  

Yesterday, the Ohio, USA-based company released version 3.0 of their popular 3D printing software which features more than 40 new features and is the company’s biggest release since the software’s launch in 2013.   Among other updates include enhancements to the user interface for all types of users in an effort to simplify the 3D printing process regardless of one’s expertise or background.  Additionally, new tools have been created to help users get the highest quality out of highly-complex models with the least amount of manual work possible.   

“Version 3.0 blurs the boundaries between the output of desktop and industrial 3D printers,” said Simplify3D CEO Clayton Webster. “Our users constantly astound us with what they are able to create, and we’re committed to providing the tools they need to bring their ideas to life. Their work inspires everything we do.”

While there are many significant improvements, the company has highlighted on a few specifically that they think will be among the most useful for their wide range of users.  

Among others, these include the Dual Extrusion Wizard, which simplifies the steps needed to configure a dual extrusion print.  “With only a few clicks,” says the company, “users can create a beautiful two-color part. Depending on the type of model, users can choose from a variety of ‘ooze shield’ shapes, which will surround their part during construction and provide crisp, sharp definition between colors.”

For those who have always wanted to try their hand at various infill settings, the new release features six new infill options for both performance and aesthetic purposes including honeycomb and triangle patterns.

While the new print settings are certainly a significant improvement, many users will also be excited to hear about faster slicing; the new release features a revised slicer algorithm that’s up to three times faster than before, which ultimately enables significant time savings compared to other 3D printing software on the market.  

“Faster slicing helps with complex models and multi-part jobs, but it also allows for faster iteration,” added Webster. “Combined with our realistic animated Preview Mode, this allows our users to make small settings changes and instantly see how they will affect the final print.”

Of course, a new update wouldn’t be complete without some updates to the user interface.  For version 3.0, the company pulled out all the stops and have revamped their software to be the most user-friendly to date.  Among other new features of the updated UI include tool layout, grouping options, shortcuts, preview mode and more.  

Finally, the software has been optimized to both create higher quality prints through updated output options as well as support even more 3D printers than before - with 25 new 3D printer profiles being added in total.  While the fine-tuning controls will help further reduce or altogether prevent print defects on the outer shell of a 3D print, the new printer profile system (along with the new 3D printer profiles) will make it easier than ever for users to get the most out of their printer with automated printer profile settings.

"We’re fortunate to have passionate users who provided many ideas that have been incorporated into the new release,” said Webster. “Their feedback is invaluable to our development process, and we can’t wait to see what they will accomplish with these exciting new tools.”

For users who currently use Simplify3D, the update is free and can be downloaded today.  New users of the software can purchase a license for $149.       



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Anon wrote at 7/8/2015 4:24:51 PM:

Guess I got to wait for someone to release the cracked version..stuck with cura until then haha

chad wrote at 6/28/2015 7:34:19 AM:

" In reality the software is near useless." I've been using this software for a year and a half. I have printed hundreds of things. "near useless" is flat out wrong. Do you even own it?

Shade wrote at 6/27/2015 12:39:47 AM:

It is very usefull for makerbots cause makerware is totally crap

H. Scholten wrote at 6/26/2015 7:24:33 AM:

This is more of an advertisment than a news item. In reality the software is near useless.

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