Jun 26, 2015 | By Simon

Although we’ve gotten used to seeing new 3D printer releases come out on a seemingly weekly basis, it’s easy to forget about the majority of them - unless of course, they’re truly revolutionary devices that aren’t just repackaging existing technologies. Additionally, companies that have explored the outer limits of what’s possible with additive manufacturing technologies have also historically released some of the more interesting 3D printers to date - such as the Zero-G 3D printer from Made in Space - which, while similar to existing FDM 3D printers is optimized to be used in zero gravity conditions.    

While it may not be as impressive as a 3D printer designed to be used in space, the latest (and first) 3D printer from German brand INDMATEC is sure to excite those who are users of the company’s PEEK (polyether-ether-ketone) 3D printing filaments.   

The high performance PEEK polymer features high temperature resistance, mechanical stiffness, biocompatibility, chemical resistance and bio-inertness for users that demand more out of their materials than what is commonly offered by existing filament manufacturers.  Because of its low weight and attractive mechanical attributes, PEEK has also been used as a substitute to metal in certain technical applications.  To date, many companies from various industries including automotive, mechanical engineering, medical, electronics and semiconductor sectors have used PEEK to produce highly-durable parts.

Of course, a highly-demanding 3D print filament also demands a highly-capable 3D printer for it to be used optimally.   

"The development preceded years of research," said Prof. Dr. Okolo, material scientist and co-founder of the company, "to make PEEK usable as filament and concurrently develop a FDM 3D printer, that meets the challenging demands of the material."

The company’s PEEK 3D printer has been optimized for processing the PEEK filament with special considerations taken towards ensuring that temperature needs are met throughout the printing process.  Among other features include a hot end and nozzle that have been specially produced for the printer which allow for temperatures up to 420°C and a special heat bed for optimum adhesion of the PEEK material.  The total build size of the printer is 155 x 155 x 155 mm, which makes it perfect for most average builds.  Additionally, the included software’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to produce their objects through a simple one-click procedure.


"It was our goal to make additive manufacturing economically accessible for small- and medium sized enterprises," said the company’s CEO, Tony Tran-Mai.  “(We are) happy that the company is able to offer this innovative technology with an attractive price tag.”

In addition to being optimized for printing PEEK filaments, the printer is also capable of printing other commonly-used high temperature and high performance 3D printer filaments as well.

A combination package that includes both the hardware and the software is priced at 9,590€ with regular updates and technical support included in the price.  Those interested can expect a unit delivered in approximately 7 weeks with a 50% down payment.  



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