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It’s becoming increasingly evident that 3D printing is the go-to technology for all things cosplay. Just recently, we came across an amazing 3D printed Batman suit. But if you’re looking to cosplay someone with actual human clothes, 3D printers are perfect for recreating those cool props that make or break a good cosplay. Experienced designer Lloyd Roberts underlines this once again with an amazing 3D printed replica of the Master Sword and scabbard from the Zelda franchise. Perfect for confronting Ganondorf or for taking to ComicCon.

Now this sword is of a remarkable quality, but then its designer is not exactly a beginner. Lloyd Roberts is a 3D designer and product designer who currently works at iMakr as a design tutor. ‘I have always loved to make things and has had a passion for 3D Printing since I bought my first desktop printer in 2012. I really enjoy taking on new things and challenging projects as often as possible and am currently really enjoying making costume and prop pieces. My designs are made to be as support free as possible, and always optimal for 3D Printing,’ he writes.

With scabbard.

He also shares some amazing 3D models with the MyMiniFactory community every now and then, recently releasing designs for the huge Rebellion Sword from Devil May Cry. Link’s iconic sword was a logical successor to that project, as he explains. ‘Recently I have really enjoyed modelling cosplay and prop items and this is the direction I would like to make a focus in with my work. Previously I had done a helmet from destiny and another sword from Devil May Cry. This time I wanted to take the most iconic weapon I could think of, from a game that has been played across generations and loved by many,’ he explains to 3ders.org. ‘The Legend of Zelda on NES also happens to be one of the first games I ever remember playing, so it meant a lot to me to get the opportunity to build the Master Sword.’

And it doesn’t get quite as legendary as the Master Sword either. Recurring as the most powerful weapon in every Zelda game (if my memory serves me right), it was crafted by the goddess Hylia and forged into the Master Sword by the chosen hero (you). Now there are a couple of different versions of the sword throughout the franchise, Lloyd decided to replicate the weapon from The Ocarina of Time, which is easily the most successful of all the Zelda games. And while there are a number of 3D printable Master Swords out there, none are the full 1.2 meters until now!

However, we must all put a little twist on 3D printed objects all the time, and Lloyd decided to make two differently sized weapons (for kids and adults alike). ‘My design has been a little twisted with my own interpretation, but remains still mostly true to the game. I have provided online two different sizes because many believed my model looked too big because Link is also different heights and sizes in each game, sometimes the sword looks quite small, sometimes as big as him! So have both!’ he explains. Rhino was used for the design of both swords.

The child-sized version.

3D printing itself, as you can imagine, takes quite a while. Both swords have been optimally designed for dowel joints and should 3D print entirely free of supports. ‘I decided to use dowel joints within this model to hold it together instead of using dovetails. The dowels keep the model sturdy, keep seams between printed pieces to a minimum and increase the weight of the object to feel more like a true sword. The dowels used are 5.5mm diameter, although any dowel close to the size of this will fit well. They are also 900mm long and go through every piece with the exception of the end of the handle and pommel,’ he explains.

If you’re thinking about tackling these cool swords for your next cosplay, then Lloyd has some good news as far as manufacturing is involved. ‘The larger sword prints in 35 hours whilst the smaller around 20 hours. Both of which use less than 500g of material too,’ Lloyd says, so making these swords is a relatively cheap and easy affair. Perfect for getting the hang of multi-part printing projects. The complete sword can be found here, the scabbard here, while the child (or toon) sized sword can be found here. Lloyd, in the meantime, is already working on other promising projects, including a completely 3D printed storm trooper and the Hammer of Sol from Destiny. We can’t wait to see them!


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Marc wrote at 7/10/2015 1:15:04 PM:

Haha, this may end in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AgoBnM60Dw

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