July 17, 2015 | By Simon

Since first appearing in May of 1939 in an issue of Detective Comics, Batman has since become one of the most loved superheroes along with Superman.  While Superman was born with superpowers that have allowed him to fly and have incredible strength, many people are drawn to Batman because he is proof that you don’t need to have superpowers in order to be a superhero; instead choosing his actions to define his character.  

Now, the lauded superhero and protector of Gotham city - who is also commonly referred to as “The Caped Crusader”, “The World’s Greatest Detective” and “The Dark Knight” - is being presented for the very first time as an officially licensed 3D printed figurine.  The small line of 3D printed Batman figures - which are being sold by 3D printing service Launzer -  are the first and only designs to have secured official licensing from DC Comics.

While they are currently only available to European customers, users who log into Launzer’s website are able to select Batman figurines which have been based off of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman Begins’ movie.  For do-it-yourselfers, the figure is being offered in a paintable white polyamide material while those who prefer to have the figure already colored can have theirs printed as a multicolored sandstone 3D print.  For more serious fans, the company is also offering a bust of the Caped Crusader in stainless steel.  All of the printing will be done through i.Materialise using the company's high-quality and durable 3D printing materials.      

While the official 3D printed Batman figure is sure to be a hit among Batman fans - especially with more Batman movies on the horizon - he isn’t the only superhero that fans can expect to 3D print from Launzer.  Thanks to a recently-secured deal with Warner Bros., Launzer is now able to produce and sell various 3D printed figurine designs from Warner Bros. universes in Europe.  

Among other officially licensed 3D printed figurines that fans can expect to see released sooner rather than later include other DC Comics superheroes and villains as well as characters from other Warner Bros. franchises including Looney Tunes.     

Of course, enthusiastic 3D modelers and Batman fans have already been actively modeling and 3D printing their own Batman figurines and cosplay costumes for years now, however it’s nice to know that DC Comics and Warner Bros. have finally acknowledged 3D printing as a form of creating officially licensed merchandise - which is clearly a huge step for fans of both superheroes and 3D printing.   



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