Aug 20, 2015 | By Simon

While 3D printing has proven itself as useful time and time again in a variety of industries, it is when it is used as a creative tool for artists when we start to see some very interesting applications.  

Among others who have leveraged additive manufacturing technologies to help them realize their artistic vision is Melissa Ng, a self-described “doodler, entrepreneur, and 3D printing mask maker” who is also the founder of Lumecluster, a 3D printed mask company based in New York.

Aiming to help “dreamers find courage”, Ng designs and produces intricately-detailed 3D printed masks that are designed to help users “break through fear and self doubt and empower (themselves) to fight for (their) dreams.”

“There is so much more to masks than simply for concealment or disguise,” explains Ng.   

“In fact, throughout history and cultures around the world, many masks served as protection against evil or as an expression of the human spirit, perseverance, identity or transformation.  With this in mind, I wanted to make a mask that defined our times and our increasingly global maker/entrepreneurial tribe. A tribe that believes in making a difference in this world. And a tribe isn’t complete without its mask, right?”

While Ng’s previous white nylon masks - which were made using a selective laser sintering (SLS) process from her own 3D models - were certainly a sight to behold, it is perhaps her latest work that is her most impressive.  

Using a combination of post-processing techniques on her existing white nylon 3D printed masks, Ng has painted her new collection of masks to look like different kinds of metal including tarnished steel, patina on brass, antique brass and patina and copper finishes.  

Completed in July of this year, the new metal-finished mask line adds another dimension to the existing standout collection of masks produced by Ng as she continues on her mission to help encourage dreamers to break out of their shells.

In addition to her new metal-finished lineup of masks, Ng has also shared what she is calling her “Dreamer’s Creed”; a manifesto that was born out of her own ‘dreaming’ experiences over the past year and reflects her own strategy for dealing with self-doubt.  

“Sure, there was also the possibility that nothing interesting would have happened if I started 3D printing. Or maybe something else would have opened up if I just stuck with my black & white ink drawings. I’ll never know,” writes Ng.  

“But the point is that I took a chance. And it shook up my world in ways I never expected … I need my mind to always be my #1 ally and help me stay true and focused on my dreams instead of my fears.”

In an effort to help others who may be in the same situation she is in regarding self-doubt, Ng has generously provided a free downloadable desktop wallpaper that contains the text of her ‘Dreamer Creed’ manifesto.   

Those interested in finding out more about Ng’s impressive 3D printed masks - which can be purchased for $150-$200 - can find out more over at Lumecluster.  



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