Aug 31, 2015 | By Tess

In the wake of the release of the Roccat Nyth MMO Mouse, a fully modular and customizable specialty gaming mouse, the Hamburg based company Roccat has launched its own 3D Print Library from which gamers can choose and purchase their additional parts and buttons.

The Roccat Nyth is the company's first "hyper-modular gaming mouse" and it allows for its users to not only rearrange and replace its buttons – it is supplied with 33 spare buttons – but to also fully replace and customize its side-part. The latter option for customization truly makes the Nyth a hybrid mouse as users can continue to use it as an MMO mouse or make it into a MOBA or FPS mouse. As stated on the Roccat website, "Out of the box, the Nyth's buttons can be arranged in 18,369 different layouts" and "the Nyth's hardware can be laid out in 36,738 ways".

Recently, Roccat has teamed up with Shapeways, leading 3D printing service and marketplace, in order to introduce a versatile and extensive 3D printing library for its clients. Charlie Maddock, Director of Business Development at Shapeways has said of the partnership,

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Roccat to empower gaming enthusiasts to create custom, personalized buttons for their Nyth. One of the most powerful aspects of 3D printing is the ability to enable enthusiast communities to come together and create products that showcase their passion. We're excited to see what the Roccat community comes up with as we continue to work together."

Shapeways, headquartered in New York City but with offices and factories elsewhere in the United States and the Netherlands, provides high quality services and 3D printing parts, as well as quick and easy shipping throughout the world. The 3D printing service makes and ships over 120,000 products a month, including Roccat's customizable mouse buttons. René Korte, the founder and CEO of Roccat is quoted saying,
"Shapeways is the perfect partner for us when it comes to 3D printing. Our designers create new buttons continuously and we want to be absolutely sure they work when printed. If you order a button set from our website it is ROCCAT approved and Shapeways makes certain our quality standards are met."

As of now, the Roccat 3D Print Library offers its users a selection of 10 button set varieties, each available in an assortment of colors (there are currently also 10 choices of color). The development and design of new button sets, however, is ongoing with the expected release of new parts and an ever-expanding 3D Print Library. The cost of a full set of buttons, available for purchase online, ranges from 13 to 20 USD plus shipping.

The fully customizable layout of the Roccat Nyth MMO mouse, as well as the extensive selection of parts on the newly launched 3D Print Library make for a versatile and adaptable gaming tool that could suit the needs of many gamers.



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