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Having a resume that stands out is important in applying for jobs, but just how important is it? Tumblr user Deep Immersion recently pushed the limits of creative and standout resumes when he crafted one to resemble a medieval stone tablet.

The resume, printed on hand-cut parchment paper, expertly folded and sealed with a custom wax seal, was encased within a plastic casing, made to resemble a stone coat of arms or tablet. Adorned with a dragon and another tablet with the instructions for finding the resume, Immersion sent his curriculum vitae out packaged within an old wooden crate and with a hammer and chisel. Upon receiving the package, the employer would read the instructions and carefully chisel and shatter the "stone" tablet to reveal the treasure inside.

Of course, Mr. Deep Immersion was not applying for a simple office job, but more appropriately for a position as a game designer for Dungeons and Dragons at Wizards of the Coast. He wanted to convey his passion and talent not through a simple A4 sheet of paper, but through an original and memorable resume.

On his Tumblr page, Immersion takes us through the process of creating his elaborate resume. After designing the shape of the tablet, he segmented and printed it in four pieces with his own 3D printer. The dragon and people who adorn the front of the tablet were 3D printed separately and added afterwards. After 3D printing and assembling the pieces, the casing was primed and sanded to be as smooth as possible. The next step was to create a mold using the 3D printed pieces, which was achieved by crafting a sort of wall around the model and pouring silicon over it until completely covered. (On his blog, Mr. Deep Immersion suggests to anyone trying to create a similar project, using rice to measure how much plastic would be needed to cover the model).

After the model had set, he filled the model with a mix of shatterable plastic resin (Smooth-on SMASH plastic) and a smooth–on Quarrytone to give the stone-like effect. When that had settled, only the decoration was left.

What is most astounding about the project are the details put into the tablet. Immersion explains that he made several attempts using paint, pastels, and other pigments to get the colour of the stone just right. He also used a breakaway plastic and a filler material in the mold to make the stone look chiselled rather that cast. And finally, he painted gold accents on the tablet to make it pop.

Overall, three copies of the resume were created: one as a test break (a success!) and two to send out to Wizards of the West Coast. Though Immersion did not get the job he had applied for, the recipients of his resume were extremely impressed with the effort. Immersion notes:

I am proud to report that Mr. Leeds stated that this was by far the most impressive resume presentation that the company had ever seen :D He also notified me that he intended to pass my resume around to a few yet-to-be-named companies to share with them my passion and professionalism, so I think I may have opened more doors than I originally thought I would! And the recommendation from a CEO is a gift in itself! So I consider this a big victory! I am proud to have showcased my talents and will continue to do so! Thanks for all the support as I put this package together guys! Its because of you all that I aspire to dream big, thanks again!

Later the post was updated with two more lines:

HAHA, Got a job and that tablet really helped, though in a way I never expected! This is definitely an opportunity I cannot pass up. I'll be seeing you guys in August!

And we are sure its unique qualities have helped to open many doors for him.

Through his innovative idea for a standout resume, Mr. Deep Immersion is just one of many who continue to expand and find other creative uses for 3D printing!


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Ryan wrote at 9/3/2015 6:16:39 PM:

I believe it was actually a woman who did this.

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