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While 3D printing businesses are crucial within the community, few initiatives have been as meaningful or as life-giving as the RepRap movement for making 3D printing available at every making level. That’s why we are always very supportive of new RepRap(-based) initiatives, and a very promising one has just caught our eye. Called the Fusion 3D printer, this is a very promising machine designed through RepRap principles to be portable, open source, excellent in performance and affordable. While a Kickstarter campaign for this interesting machine is forthcoming, you can already order this 3D printer as a kit for just $249.

Fusion, as they explain on their website is a very young startup launched in 2015 by Nate Rogers. ‘It all started while seeking a higher quality printer, for a reasonable price,’ he writes. ‘However, there needed to be more. A quick way to transport and upgrade the printer. And the Fusion Printer was born.’ Fusion is also an active community member operating on a variety of online forums, from Fabric8or to Thingiverse and a firm defender of the open-source principles that are also behind the Fusion 3D printer. ‘The Rep Rap movement, has made this product possible. The design uses the core components of the Rep Rap machine, with several enhancements, packaged into one kit, ready for assembly,’ Rogers quickly admits.

And this is machine seems to be everything you expect from a decent RepRap outfit and more. Featuring the latest components and 3D printed connecting parts, it looks and sounds like a pretty good machine. ‘Reliable, Smooth, Fast and built to last. Did we mention it disassembles in under a minute for Travel?,’ they add. The hardware specifications seem to back those claims, as it features an 200x200x200 mm aluminum build plate, 4x Nema 17, stepper motors, 3 axis V-slot aluminum and Delrin wheels and an aluminum extrusion structure. The entire 3D printer runs on Ramps 1.4, with an Arduino mega and 5 A power supply, with a Bowden fed, fan cooled J head hot end.

In short, everything a decent RepRap outfit requires. While every desktop 3D printer is portable to some extent, this remarkable machine can even be disassembled and put in a briefcase for easy transportation. The Fusion 3D printer is also capable of working with a variety of materials, and the user is free to pick from a selection of nozzles to suit their needs. Future promised upgrades include a proximity sensor for auto leveling, a heated bed, an LCD screen / Sd card Reader, LED lights, all metal plates and a power switch. All 3D printable parts can be found on Thingiverse here. ‘Please don’t copy and sell this design. I’ve spent 2000+ hours these past four months just designing these printers,’ Rogers says of the design.

The idea is that Fusion Printers sells these RepRap based DIY kits to the public, while also becoming a type of help desk for their users. ‘We will assist you in every way possible with your questions and concerns. Simply email your questions from our contact page. Along with our instructional videos, there is a massive online community ready to help anyone with a thirst for knowledge. Many people are happy to provide one on one support for fellow makers,’ they say.

But the best news is that these kits are very affordable. While Rogers is planning a Kickstarter campaign for a wider launch in a few weeks’ time, they are already available through the Fusion website here. An unassembled, unsoldered kit can be yours for just $249, featuring all the parts you need and taking up to two hours to assemble. A soldered version of the kit can be purchased for $299, while a completely assembled and tested Fusion 3D printer costs just $379.


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