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Chess, one of the most ubiquitous board games around, and the ultimate game of strategy and war, has recently been revamped and redesigned to appeal to enthusiasts of the medieval gaming genre. Throne of Kings: The Art of War, designed by Loveland, Colorado based company, Studioqubed, LLC, has taken the classic game pieces of chess and refashioned them in an intricate and exciting way using 3D printing technology.

A Kickstarter campaign was launched for Studioqubed's Throne of Kings project on September 10th, 2015, and within just days they have reached their goal of $5,000. The enthusiasm behind the project is promising as both lovers of chess and medieval fantasy are sure to want this particular board set, which comprises of two warring teams: the Eagle family and the Bear family.

The game is available in two size formats: the standard edition, a handsome tabletop set measuring 18" square, with 2" squares and held up on detailed bronze pedestals; and the travel edition, a compact set measuring 11" square, with 1.25" squares. The complete chess set, whether standard or travel sized, comes with a wooden board made from walnut and birdseye maple, a wooden storage box of the same material, and 32 custom designed pieces cast in white or yellow bronze.

As founder of Studioqubed, Craig Turley explains of the project, "When this project began, our goal was to not only create a high quality chess set, but also to create a stunning work of art." The artistry behind the chess set is evident in the impressive details and quality of the individual pieces.

The process behind creating the pieces started with the digital sculpting and design of each piece. Once satisfied with the level of design, the pieces were 3D printed using a high resolution DLP-SLA 3D printer, maintaining the meticulous detail of the designs. Then, vulcanized rubber and silicone molds were made using the 3D prints and finally, using the method of lost-wax casting, an age-old sculpture casting technique, the pieces were cast in either white or yellow bronze. The individual pieces were then finished by hand in order to achieve the desired color effect and textures of the finished product. Quite fittingly, the pieces, themselves a new take on an ancient game, are made from a combination of old casting methods and new 3D printing technology.

Turley also emphasizes that Throne of Kings: The Art of War is an entirely USA made venture, with all the production taking place locally in collaboration with nearby artisans. This ensures not only the promotion and support of locally made products, but also the reliability of the production and materials used in the game's fabrication.

Having reached their Kickstarter goal of $5,000, Studioqubed is ready to begin the production of Throne of Kings, and as they have stated on their page, the first wave of the game's production will be ready to ship out as early as December of this year – making for an enticing addition to this year's Holiday wish list!

As they eloquently state on the Throne of Kings Kickstarter page, "We look to create, through our own art designs and/or in collaboration with other artists, many opportunities for serious and elegant fun, deep intellectual jousting, and honorable battle." It is not surprising, after reading these words, that 3D printing has a part to play in the Studioqubed's game's production, as additive manufacturing continues to be an important part of game innovation and design.




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