Sep 16, 2015 | By Tess

For those who, as children and even into adult life, have enjoyed the anticipation and excitement of opening a surprise gift or even a Kinder Chocolate Egg, there is now a 3D printed equivalent: the CubeForme, a 3D printing subscription box!

In an effort to further widen the appeal of 3D printing, and in their words, create for consumers "an opportunity for immersion into the 3D printing ecosystem," California based start-up CubeForme has recently launched a $5,000 Kickstarter campaign for their exciting new concept: the CubeForme. The idea behind the CubeForme, a monthly based subscription to receive a surprise box filled with 3D printed pieces made by a particular 3D designer, is to promote and shed light on the talent required to design 3D prints, and at the same time creating a fun and unique experience for the one receiving the box.

As they eloquently state on their Kickstarter page, "Just as paintings do not exist without painters, 3D printed crafts do not exist without 3D designers. Designing 3D models isn't easy. It is both a form of art and a form of engineering. Like regular artists and architects, 3D designers deserve proper recognition."

Founders of CubeForme, college students Kyle Pham and Nicholas Nguyen, are enthusiastic about their project, and committed to the 3D printing designers they have enlisted to work with them to create either fun, or functional (or both!) 3D printed pieces to fill the white boxes. This month's featured designer is Jim Rodda, who also goes by the handle Zheng3, an experienced 3D printing designer whose work has included miniature models, game pieces, and other various types of baubles. The next subscription, in November 2015, features 3D designer Steve Dakh, whose models all maintain a distinctive, and unique geometric and polygonal style. Finally, in December, as part of the Engineer Edition, the featured artist, Luis Picarzo, is known for his unique 3D printed clock designs.

As a subscriber to CubeForme, you can choose which month you would like to subscribe to, and consequently which artist you could like to support. The fee for a month's subscription is only $9.99 (minus shipping and handling), with 10% of the cost going directly to the 3D printing designer in question.

CubeForme has chosen to additively manufacture the designers' work on a Rostock MAX V2 3D printer, a quality Delta style printer, which works quickly and which has a large print volume (11" diameter by 14.5" height).

The CubeForme Kickstarter campaign was launched on September 15, 2015 and is running until the 30th of October. The rewards for supporting the campaign are varied and enticing, as they range from receiving a CubeForme box, to receiving various sculptures by the designers, to T-shirts, to a dinner with CubeForme's founders. CubeForme has already begun the production process for its boxes, and estimate that if all goes well with the Kickstarter campaign they will be sending out the boxes as well as rewards by the end of October.

CubeForme must be commended for productively promoting the artistry behind 3D printing design, all the while striving to make 3D printing increasingly accessible and appealing to those who may not be so familiar with the 3D printing world. The concept behind their work is hopeful and inspiring, and here at 3Ders we hope their CubeForme project comes to fruition.



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Kyle Pham wrote at 9/16/2015 6:54:33 PM:

Hi Tess and, I just wanted to thank you so much for writing this article about CubeForme. It means the world to me that you would take the time to do so. Thank you for sharing the CubeForme vision - 3D printing is awesome! Hopefully we'll be collaborating further in the future. To any of those reading this article, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or thoughts. I'd be happy to hear them. I'll be sharing this article throughout CubeForme's media. Thanks again! Best. Kyle

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