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San Francisco based website Humble Bundle, a platform on which collections of digital creations, such as games or other media, are made available online for whatever price the user wants to pay, has teamed up with Total War to launch a themed bundle from which the proceeds will go to charity.

Total War, the popular war-themed computer strategy game series, has made available through Humble Bundle access to a wide range of its games, extra downloadable content, Total War themed e-books, and even a 3D printing file.

The 3D printed file to be downloaded as part of the bundle is of a bust of the Greek warrior king Leonidas, whose character features in Total War's Rome II series, released in 2012. The 3D printed file is notably available in the base bundle along with various other games, including Shogun: The Total War Collection, as well as the Total War e-books, and a Total War: ARENA beta access key. The base bundle can be purchased for any amount of money, for as the Humble Bundle slogan goes: "Pay what you want!"

The other levels of the bundle, which include more games, coupons, and even a Total War graphic T-shirt can be unlocked at various prices, the most expensive available for $30. The total bundle, including the games, DLC, e-books, 3D printed file and various other extras is worth a value of over $220 and includes thousands of hours of content, so the Humble Total War Bundle is quite a steal.

Not only that, however, in going along with Humble Bundle's charitable policy, its customers can choose where their money, however much they choose to pay, will go. For the Humble Total War Bundle, as Total War is developed by Horsham, UK based company, The Creative Assembly, the charities to choose from are all UK specific as well. The options for charitable causes and organizations to contribute to for this particular bundle are the following: SpecialEffect, the Royal Surrey Hospital, Willow Foundation, Walking with the Wounded, and Boon Lotts Elephant Sansctuary. Since 2014, Humble Bundle has given over $50 million to various charities and continues to give today.

In terms of the compatibility of the games available, all of them are available on Steam for Windows, and most are also available on Steam for Mac. Empire: Total War Collection is the only one available on Steam for Linux.

The Humble Total War Bundle, currently underway, continues on until the 29th of September at 11am PDT/7pm BST.


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