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Berlin-based 3D printing firm Mono Industries have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of their new touch-screen 3D printer. 'A passion for creating something out of nothing combined with a great interest in 3D printing techniques has led to the creation of my first companies in this industry three years ago and, consequently, to starting the Mono Industries Europe LTD company,’ says Mono Industries CEO Filip Finke.

The Mono 3D printer, which took the team 8 months to develop, is a desktop printer which the German manufacturers claim is perfect for home use. Weighing just 8kg and measuring 32x32x32cm with a build area of 16x16x16cm. Its housing is made from thermoformed acrylglass, which gives the printer its classy appearance.

An important feature of the Mono is its standalone capabilities. No PC is required: users can print from internal storage, SD card, DropBox, Google Drive, and other cloud platforms. Gcode files can be sent wirelessly from a PC if preferred. Users can define their own macros, for bed levelling, filament change etc. and store them for future use. Print status can be monitored remotely via web browser, via a simple webserver. Through their web browser, users can stop/pause the print job and even monitor the process visually via the 3D printer’s built-in webcam. Further technical features include the ability to adjust printing speed with a single touch.

Besides its excellent usability, the printer’s key selling point is its integrated 7” touchscreen with user-friendly interface. The touchscreen allows the user to both control all essential functions and visualise Gcodes and simulate a 3D print. The printing process is demonstrated by a layer-by-layer, colour coordinated visualisation. Both a side view and front view of the model can be employed. This visualisation feature enables user to easily identify errors in the planned print, enabling them to prevent erroneous printing and save filament.

Mono Industries have emphasised the high-quality materials used to built the 3D printer, made with teflon coated bushings, an E3D type aluminium head, an aluminium extruder, and carbon fibre linear shafts.

Because of the high costs involved in producing the Mono 3D printer, Mono Industries, launched their Kickstarter campaign. Through the Kickstarter page, supporters—if they hurry—can pledge €325 and receive a fully assembled Mono 3D printer. Once these limited models are all pledged for, supporters can still pledge a still heavily discounted amount and receive a Mono 3D printer. For those who wish to support the project in a small way, but who do not need or cannot afford the printer, official Mono t-shirts are available for €25. Shipping of the printer costs €85 and estimated delivery is December 2015.

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Patrick wrote at 10/13/2015 8:28:02 PM:

The user-friendly touch screen interfaces seems to be the GCodePrintr Android App which is public available.

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