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It’s the classic story of ugly duckling turned beautiful swan… turned 3D printed doll? A collaboration between photographers Santiago & Mauricio, the Society Management, AY Collective, and 3D technology studio Fauxograph, among others, has led to the creation of a 20-inch 3D printed doll based off the real-life American supermodel Lindsey Wixson.

Though Wixson wasn’t always considered a ‘doll’—her preteen classmates in Wichita, Kansas, used to call her ‘parking lot’ because of the large gap between her front teeth—the 21-year-old bombshell is now considered to be one of the modeling world’s biggest stars, and has signed campaigns with the industry’s biggest names, including Chanel, John Galliano, Versace, and Alexander McQueen, to name a few. She began modeling at just 15 years old, when her distinctive yet irresistible features, from her plump cheeks, radiant skin, enormous eyes and extreme ‘bee-stung’ pout, set her apart from the other girls, and took her from ugly-ducking status to drop-dead gorgeous swan.

Supermodel Lindsey Wixson

Now, Wixson’s one-of-a-kind looks have been immortalized in the form of a 3D-printed ‘MODOLL,’ which was styled and photographed, just like a real supermodel, wearing tailor-made clothing based directly on the Fall/Winter 2015 collections of designers such as Prada, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs and Saint-Laurent. If ever there was an appropriate time to be jealous of a doll, this is it.

The project began by 3D scanning Wixson and then 3D printing the 20-inch doll using a resin 3D printer. The process of getting her distinct features exactly right took a full year (luckily, the outfits were completed in just four weeks).

Apart from the fact that she is a 3D printed doll, the entire styling and photoshoot process took place just like it would for any other supermodel. AY Collective, a duo of custom doll creators that have collaborated extensively with the fashion industry, accepted the challenge of outfitting a ‘real life model’ doll for the first time.  “Daniel and I worked in the spirit of a true editorial shoot and sewed many of the looks directly onto Lindsay suring the shoot, in between hair, makeup and posing,” said Andrew Yang.

Photographers Santiago & Mauricio, known for their sexy and provocative work, teamed up with Wixson’s modeling agency, The Society Management, AY collective, stylist Charlotte Stockdale, 3D technology studio Fauxograph, and a whole beauty team, including wig styling’s Thanos Samaras and makeup designer Ralph Siciliano.

“Designing makeup looks for a doll was one of the most fun yet challenging projects I’ve worked on,” said Siciliano. “There is little room for error. On a doll, once the product is placed, it doesn’t move and you can’t erase and start over.” Despite the restrictions, he took his inspiration from the hair and wardrobe designs, and executed his art perfectly.

Clearly, the limited-edition doll was not created to replace real-life models. Instead, it could be seen as a new way to combine 3D printing technology with the ever-changing world of haute couture fashion, as well as a celebration of Wixson’s distinct beauty features. After all, Santiago and Mauricio could have picked any number of more ‘traditionally’ beautiful models, such as Adriana Lima (also represented by The Society Management), or Gisele Bundchen. Instead, Wixson, along with Lara Stone, is widely recognizing for changing the beauty norms within an otherwise harsh and un-accepting industry with her gap-teeth, curvier figure and extreme bee-stung look. We couldn’t think of a more positive [super] model for women and for the 3D printing industry if we tried.

The limited edition MODOLL has its own website, set to launch later in September.



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Michael Raphael wrote at 9/20/2015 3:05:22 PM:

Should research your own site before making claims about world's-first: "3D prints of supermodel Karlie Kloss go around the globe in 80 days"

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