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For those innumerable fans of the Back to the Future franchise, October 21, 2015 marks an exciting date: the day Marty McFly arrives to the “future”. Though our present may not resemble McFly’s future exactly (i.e. fewer self-drying vests) there are surely things that would shock and impress him – 3D printing for one! In the spirit of the future and innovation that October 21st, 2015 has come to represent, UK based company Smart3D are launching a kickstarter on that day to fund their new portable 3D scanner, Pixelio.

Having noticed a gap in the market for any high quality, but still affordable 3D scanning devices, Smart 3D set out to develop such a product and have succeeded in designing Pixelio, a simple, stylish and user friendly 3D scanner whose only necessity to function is a smartphone.

Pixelio is not only a 3D scanner, however, as it also allows its users to create seamless panorama shots, 360-degree videos, and even time-lapse videos. Its small size also allows for it to be portable, making it a mini 3D scanning laboratory as well as mini photo studio. Essentially, Pixelio works by connecting any smartphone (or even go-pro camera) to its 360-degree rotating mount and then through apps installed on the phone the device can capture anything from a 3D scan of an object to a 360-degree photo.

In order to create 3D scans using Pixelio, you need only download the free Autodesk 123D Catch app, which through the smartphone camera allows for almost any object to be 3D scanned. Additionally, by incorporating their Virtual Finger Technology, all you need to do is press a button which triggers the app’s “scan” touch and the 3D scanning will commence. Once scanned, the 3D model can be printed directly on a 3D printer. For photography and videos, you can use apps such as Arqspin in order to capture 360-degree shots or product photos.

Pixelio is also equipped with several other features to help accommodate its user. For instance, it has a wireless phone charging option, an LED indicator, an adjustable rotation speed, a tripod mount, and a built in timer, useful for setting shutter speeds for time-lapses. Images and videos captured through Pixelio can be saved to either MP4 or GIF formats, while anything scanned will be saved as a 3D file.

Smart3D suggests that Pixelio is perfect for sellers on Ebay or other online stores who need 360-degree product photos, bloggers and vloggers, graphic designers, architects and engineers, real estate developers and even tourists. The product's versatility and range of uses are sure to attract backers.

Pixelio is Smart3D’s first product venture, though they are committed to the continued development of affordable and easy to use devices. As they are constantly on the lookout for glaring gaps in the market, we expect to see more from Smart3D soon.

As mentioned, the kickstarter campaign for Smart3D’s Pixelio will launch on October 21, 2015 and if the goal is reached the Kickstarter funds will go towards further product development, as well as manufacturing the product on a large scale. Though the kickstarter goal has yet to be announced, the Pixelio is expected to cost about $120 through the campaign.



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