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Berlin based 3D printing company Staramba, known for creating photorealistic 3D printed figurines, has just announced the release of a particularly divine new 3D model: the Pope.

Pope Francis, the first ever Pope to come from the Americas being born in Argentina, has dominated much of the news recently for his strong stances on fighting poverty and protecting the environment as well as his tolerant attitude towards other religions. The 266th Pope of the Catholic Church, who was anointed in 2013, has just wrapped up his recent historic visit to the United States, where he addressed congress, and visited such cities as Washington DC, New York, and Philadelphia, as well as Havana, Cuba.

In commemoration of Pope Francis’ 2015 United States tour, Staramba have designed and released various editions of the 3D printed Pope Francis figurine, made from full color sandstone, and with decorative backgrounds for each city visited. There is also the original model of the figurine, which consists of the finely detailed miniature figurine standing on a St. Peter’s Basilica baseplate. The 3D models are available in two sizes for the US cities , and three for the St. Peter’s Basilica edition, and range in price from 69 euros to 209 euros.

The company responsible for the first ever 3D printed collectible Pope Francis figurine, Staramba, has been known for creating finely detailed and high quality 3D models, notably of celebrities or customized ones known as “3D selfies.” Their process begins with creating a digital 3D model, whether sculpted by 3D artists or captured via 360-degree photography in their studio (notably for the customized figurines). Once the 3D model design is complete it is sent to a full-color 3D printer, where the figurine is additively manufactured out of a non-toxis polymer plaster composite and finished by hand.

For the Pope Francis 3D printed figurine, Staramba have teamed up with Jacksonville based 3D printing service Forge 3D Printing Studio for its release.

Mr. Christian Daudert, CEO of Staramba is excited about the new 3D model, saying, “Our digital artists worked painstakingly to reproduce the likeness of Pope Francis. It is impossible not to be touched by The Holy See’s message of mercy and love.”

As mentioned, Staramba is known for its novelty 3D printed photorealistic figurines. Their 3D model of Pope Francis is undoubtedly one of their more exciting releases, but they have also made a name for themselves in customized 3D figurines, including their “Me and My Star” promotion which includes a 3D figurine of the client alongside their favorite celebrity from the Staramba online shop.

If you happened to be marked or inspired by Pope Francis’ historic United States tour or are simply a fan of his preachings and want a keepsake, check out Staramba’s online store, where you can purchase your very own, first-ever, 3D printed pope!



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yzorg wrote at 9/29/2015 4:18:46 PM:

So be it... ;) I have sitting on my Desc since 6years, a 3d Printed Devil.

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