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We have seen impressive applications of 3D printing technology in such realms as clothing fashion, jewelry, and footwear, and now, thanks to Iranian architect Nasim Sehat, 3D printing’s role in fashion and design is being extended into eyewear with her most recent design venture called Biz Eyes.

Nasim Sehat is an architect and designer born in Tehran, Iran who is now working primarily from Shanghai. She says that her design work explores the Far East, and that she is inspired by such themes as “expressionism and minimalism, naïve art and the dynamic culture of the modern metropolis.” In her recent design project, Biz Eyes, this is apparent, as she delves into the metropolitan and urban drive for individuality and expression through her unique and customizable designs for eyewear.

Biz Eyes is a collection of 3D printed eyewear, which consists of a round base frame made from a clear plastic resin, and a number of meticulously and creatively designed interchangeable spectacles that can be attached to the base frames. The impressive spectacles can be changed at will by simply twisting them 90 degrees to remove them and then reattaching another style of Biz Eyes on in the same way.

Genesis Collection and Cream on Chrome Collection

Currently, Nasim Sehat has designed two collections for Biz Eyes, “Genesis” and “Cream on Chrome.” The Genesis collection explores the shape of the circle and its organic manifestations, and consists of spectacle frames of several bright colors including bright pink and aquamarine. Cream on Chrome, on the other hand, is an exploration of geometric shapes and lines done in only two colors: cream and black. Both collections are striking in their own ways, as they simultaneously complement and standout on the wearer’s face.

When asked about her intentions for Bizeyes, Nasim Sehat explained, “Biz Eyes is a sort of fashion statement, looking at glasses not only as functional or as an accessory anymore, but more the way we would look at jewelry, something that makes a statement about us.”

She also goes on to explain that she does not mean for her 3D printed eyewear designs to be a part of a particular trend or fad, as the nature of Biz Eyes is to not only express, but to adapt and be changeable. It is perhaps this aspect of her work that has made her designs so popular within the 3D printing industry. She says, “I didn’t expect it to become so popular among makers, designers, folks from the 3D printing industry and people who want to have a bold statement about their outfits!”

Sehat’s designs are only recently available for purchase, and they can be pre-ordered through the Biz Eyes website. While the bold designs are perhaps not for everyone, one thing is for sure, the spectacular spectacles are sure to turn heads!




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