Oct 6, 2015 | By Kira

3D printing industry giant Stratasys today announced a major partnership Adobe that will allow creative designers to easily transform their designs into high quality, full color 3D printed models. The new service will allow Adobe Photoshop CC users to send 3D files to Stratasys Direct Express without leaving the photoshop environment, and to receive quoting, validation and previewing ordering the final product.

While there are many projects that combine graphic art with 3D modeling and 3D printing technology, a barrier still exists between the majority of graphic artists and 3D modelers, as the two professions require different skill sets. Adobe artists live in the world of Photoshop, InDesign and After Effects, whereas 3D modelers speak the language of STL, SLS and FDM. To bridge that gap, the strategic partnership will allow Adobe users to take advantage of Stratasys vast experience and knowledge as one of the largest providers of advanced manufacturing services in the world. The 3D models will be available in a range of ‘game-changing’, vibrant colors, truly allowing artists to recreate their work as it appears on the screen.

The process is simple. Adobe users export their 3D files directly to Stratasys Direct Express, where they can select from a range of high quality 3D printing materials and colors (includig PolyJet White, HD Blue, GreenFire, among others), preview their order, and receive a quote. Once submitted, they will receive the full-color, durable 3D printed parts within days. The process is designed to be as streamlined as possible, and to encourage more creative designers to step into the supposedly intimidating world of 3D printing.

“Stratasys is poised to help product designers, artists, engineers and makers push the boundaries of color 3D printing. Partnering with Adobe is a major step in achieving this goal,” said Dan Yalon, executive VP, business development, marketing and vertical solutions at Stratasys. “We are confident that together we will introduce more creative professionals to the world of additive manufacturing and provide them with all the tools they need to effortlessly turn their visions into colorful, beautiful reality.”

The announcement was made to today at the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference in Los Angeles, where Stratasys is present a Gold Sponsor. Those in attendance will be able to see works of art from world-renowned artists and designers made with Stratasys 3D printing. Also in attendance are three Stratasys users: Jason Lopes fromm the Hollywood special effects company Legacy Effects; artist Nick Ervinck; and Shajay Booshan, head of computation and design at leading architecture and design firm Zaha Hadid Architects, who will be presenting their breakthrough uses and applications of Stratasys color 3D printing.

The service is available to Photoshop CC users via the Stratasys Express Direct + Photoshop page, and is an exciting development for 3D printed art, design, sculpture and architecture, which is already bringing complex artistic visions to life in ways not possible before.  



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