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Polish 3D printer manufacturer 3DGence today announced that they have received major funding from industrialist Michael Solowow, one of the richest men in Poland and one of the country’s biggest stock exchange investors. The investment, which according to 3DGence is the largest in the country’s 3D printing industry (the exact amount was not disclosed), will allow the relatively new company to boost its product innovation and development, potentially bringing them to the forefront of European additive manufacturing solutions.

The 3DGence Team

Based on his profile, Mr. Solowow could be a character from a James Bond film. With a net worth currently estimated at $1.91 billion, he is an important shareholder in companies ranging from the chemical industry, ceramics and tiles, development activity and floorboard producers. He is also an avid racecar driver; two-time European vice-champion, and three-time vice-champion of Poland. He was once overturned in a rally, but escaped unscathed.

Investor Michael Solowow

Compared with the “small but ambitious” team at 3DGence, led by CEO Patryk Kadlec and his co-founders Roman Foltyn and Grzegroz Kowalczyk, Solowow might seem to be in a completely different league, yet by investing in their development — and their commitment to providing Poland and abroad and high-quality 3D printers — he may have just given them and the entire country a chance to play in the big leagues.

Headquartered in the Department of Mechanics and Technology at Silesian university of Technology, 3DGence entered the market just one year ago with its flagship 3D printer, the 3DGence ONE. Equipped with a patented hotend and replacement extruder head module, a heated ceramic tale that eliminates the need for additional adhesives, auto-calibration, and other features, the ONE has been recognized as the second best new 3D printer by Polish website CD3D. It is used by companies within the medical, automotive, (GM is one of their clients) and architectural industries, yet according to the company can also be used by individuals (it retails for €2,975 to €3,348).

Though the transaction value was not disclosed, 3DGence assured us it was counted in the “millions of PLN” (1 million Polish Zloty equals roughly $250,000 USD). With his investment, Solowow currently holds 49 percent of the shares, with the rest belonging to its other three founders.

“Under the wings of Michael Solowow, 3DGence has ambitions to become one of the leaders of the global market of 3D printers,” said 3DGence in a press release. “The main condition for good investments is knowledge of the industry and [Solowow] has therefore seen in 3DGence a company with a lot of potential.” In addition to producing 3D printers, the company will continue to offer leading 3D printing materials and services and will soon own a 3D printing farm at the Siesian University of Technology. “The presence of Michael Solowow shows that opportunities for [these] companies are virtually limitless.



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