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Graphene 3D Lab today launched ShareStation3D, a new web portal and free online marketplace for 3D printing enthusiasts of all levels that will allow users to download, share and print functional projects at no cost. The website already features several projects that can be made with Graphene 3D’s special conductive filaments, such as Arduino components, solar lights and battery housings, and unlike other 3D printing marketplaces, it supplies ready-to-print 3D files as well as full instructions, parts and supply lists and even free software in order to truly make functional 3D printing projects accessible to the home hobbyist.

Graphene 3D, maker of glow in the dark, graphene, and special conductive filaments that can be used to embed electronics directly into 3D printed objects, notes that with these kinds of filaments becoming more and more accessible, hobbyists, engineers, and makers of all levels will increasingly be able to build functional electronics in the comfort of their own homes. Indeed, beyond 3D printed mugs, jewelry or keychains, 3D printed electroncis holds the future of the entire industry. In launching ShareStation3D, they hope to facilitate development not only for industrial manufacturers and research institutes, but for the 3D printing community at large.

The goal is for users to eventually be able to create working consumer electronics, such as Mp3 players, automated timers and lights, or repair parts for damaged coffee makers, game consoles or other everyday objects, that are made in their homes and tailored to their specific needs. "Up until now, most home 3D printers have been limited to one type of print material – likely polymer – and owners are limited to projects that are static like cupholders, models, or jewelry,” said Elena Polyakova, Co-CEO of Graphene 3D. “Using functional or specialty filaments allow users to print working projects, dramatically expanding what can be accomplished with a 3D printer."

ShareStation3D also differs from other 3D printing marketplaces, some of the most well-known being MakerBot’s Thingiverse and Sculpteo, is that users can not only view, share and download print-ready 3D files, but they will also receive step-by-step instructions for the printing process, how to embed electronics, program the required software, and any other useful information. In a way, it combines the file-sharing of Thingiverse, with the how-to format of Instructables, all with a strong focus on advanced 3D printing materials and functionality, and sharing within the 3D printing community.

"ShareStation 3D is an analogy for the advancement of 3D printing in the manufacturing sector. 3D printing started with static multi-dimensional objects, now we are adding functionality,” said Daniel Stolyarov, Graphene 3D’s other co-CEO. “Soon 3D printing will be able to create multi-functional devices in a single print allowing 3D printing to be at the heart of the manufacturing industry. ShareStation 3D.com allows home users to take part in this exciting advancement and be a part of the ever-expanding capabilities of the 3D printing phenomena."



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