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.bijouets, an Italian jewelry company which has made a name for itself through its use of 3D printing technology, has recently collaborated with internationally recognized jewelry designer Monica Castiglioni for its most recent collection, which was previewed in Milan at the end of September and in New York up until last week.

.bijouets was created in 2013 as a brand of HSL, one of the first companies in Europe to use additive manufacturing for rapid production of prototypes. .bijouets, for its part, has been at the forefront of using 3D printing technology for designing and manufacturing fashion collections, namely jewelry and accessories.

In designing 3D printed jewelry, the company typically works with a number of designers, including some local and some international ones. Stefania Favaro, who works in sales and marketing at .bijouets explains to 3Ders the nature of the company’s style: “We have different collections from 8 different designers. Our collections are basically classical shapes reinvented in a modern way. They come from nature or from geometric shapes.”

.bijouets’ process involves first having the designers conceptualize and design the jewelry, and with the help of 3D planners turning said designs into CAD files using Rhino and Grasshopper software. Once the CAD files are finalized, the designs are sent to .bijouets’ SLS 3D printers where they are additively manufactured using a laser sintered polyamide material.

Once 3D printed, the pieces of jewelry are then put through several processes, which include various chemical and physical processes as well as the cleaning and finishing of the product, which are done manually. It is at this stage that the pieces are individualized and given their unique craftsman signature.

Because of the process of using 3D printing to manufacture their jewelry, .bijouets make their products on demand, allowing for them not only to eliminate the need for a large storage or warehouse space, but also allowing for their clients to make special requests for their purchases, for a particular coloring for instance.

Their most recent collection features designs made by Monica Castiglioni, who has been a jewelry designer for over three decades now. Castiglioni, who is based in both Milan and New York is known primarily for her bronze jewelry pieces, as well as the distinctive jewels she incorporates into her designs, inspired by organic shapes. After learning of .bijouets foray into 3D printed jewelry, she became interested in the potentials of additive manufacturing for the jewelry industry and in 2015 finally got herself involved in the world of 3D printing through her collaboration with .bijouets.

Castiglioni’s designs are versatile and chic, and can be easily worn in combination with several other pieces. The series she has created in association with .bijouets are Superleggera, Superleggera Doppia, Filifusi and Foglie.

All of .bijouets' designs can be found and ordered through their website, where they feature all types of 3D printed jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other accessories such as their stylish sunglasses. A video of how they manufacture their sunglasses can be seen below.



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