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A Kickstarter campaign for DRAGONLOCK, a 3D-printable interlocking terrain system, has reached more than 6,150% of its original pledge goal, with three weeks still left to run. The terrain system is made up of dungeon pieces that snap together and can be stacked to create multi-level dungeon designs.

DRAGONLOCK, a product of Fat Dragon Games, has been designed for a range of RPG and wargames. Its 28mm scale pieces are designed to be 3D printed by gamers at home, and the .stl files for each set are available to purchase now as Kickstarter contributions. This 3D printable format is relatively cost effective, since users can print as many of each piece as they please. Once the .stl file is yours, an unlimited number of terrain items can be made, and a huge variety of dungeons can be assembled.

The Kickstarter campaign is proving incredibly popular. Fat Dragon Games set their original target at $500, to ensure sufficient interest in the project. They decided to use the Kickstarter platform, as they had done previously, to minimise financial risk: “Fat Dragon Games is a small company, and we need to be careful what subjects we choose to proceed with for production,” they explain. 

“One or two poorly selling sets would hurt our company severely. By putting potential projects up on Kickstarter, we can be sure if there is demand for that subject before devoting our resources to it. We also get to connect directly with our customers, rewarding those who are early supporters for a set with cool stuff like exclusive pieces not available to customers who purchase the set later on, and free stretch rewards.”

There has certainly been demand for DRAGONLOCK: the campaign has already raised over $30,000, with over 550 backers pledging at least $60 in order to receive the KING set, which contains all terrain pieces as well as Dragonlock clips and free stretch rewards. Any backers who support the project through Kickstarter will be privy to a range of benefits, such as the receipt of bonus models which will not be available anywhere else.

The models shown on the DRAGONLOCK Kickstarter page (and on this page) were 3D printed by their team at a resolution of 100 microns, which is easily achievable for most consumer 3D printers.

Images from Kickstarter

Given the digital nature of the product, and Fat Dragon Games’ prior experience with Kickstarter, the designers are hoping to assure potential customers of their total reliability. “We have been in business for over ten years, having released over one hundred and forty terrain sets, and have had six previous Kickstarter campaigns successfully funded and delivered, so supporters of this project can feel completely confident in our ability to deliver a high quality product as promised.”



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Fat Dragon Games wrote at 10/17/2015 7:44:35 PM:

The Dragonlock™ clip-link design is Patent Pending, and at this time we are not licensing the design out to third-party companies.

Devon Jones wrote at 10/15/2015 7:03:20 PM:

Just want to note that there is also an open source tile project that I've been building out for the last two years with literally hundreds of tiles available on thingiverse and github: http://www.thingiverse.com/devonjones/collections/openforge My hope is that Tom will be amenable to me making my tiles optionally compatible with his.

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