Oct 20, 2015 | By Benedict

Today sees the launch of MXD3D’s new MakePrintable 3D file healing and repairing service, aimed at both advanced and novice makers looking to convert 3D content into a safely 3D printable state. MakePrintable, currently in its Public Beta stage, integrates with Shapeways, Box, and Google Drive, with plugins forthcoming for Blender and Sketchup integration.

MXD3D are a San Francisco-based company, creators of the GamePrint platform for capturing 3D printable content from games. Their new enterprise, the MakePrintable service, has been created to provide a quick and easy solution for users looking to turn unprintable 3D content into error-free, ready-to-print files.

Since most 3D content is designed to be viewed onscreen, it is typically unsuitable for immediate conversion into a physical 3D print. Any attempt to 3D print unprepared content frequently results in a number of errors, such as non-manifold flipped faces, boundary edges, intersecting objects, solidity issues, as well as more complicated issues such as those concerning wall thickness.

MXD3D, experts in the field, were aware that the process of healing a 3D model to remove all potential errors requires a great deal of manual work and expertise. Furthermore, existing healing and fixing solutions are costly, limited in functionality, and tend to be aimed at industrial printing, rather than at independent makers. Seeing a gap in the market that needed filling, they launched MakePrintable to provide a solution to both advanced and novice makers, offering a simple and efficient service for preparing printable 3D content.

The MakePrintable service uses a combination of automated and manual error-fixing techniques. Its algorithms are able to detect and fix common errors automatically, which vastly reduces the timescale of each project. The service is also designed to work seamlessly with a makers’ full roster of software and storage services. The MakePrintable cloud application integrates with major 3D platforms like Shapeways, Blender, Box, and Google Drive. MXD3D is currently looking to expand its network and form further partnerships through API and Enterprise integrations.

"We aim with MakePrintable to remove all the headache and hours, if not days, of manual labor needed to bring any 3D object to the physical world,” said Muhannad Taslaq, MakePrintable CEO and Co-founder.

“There are millions of 3D files out there and only a small percentage are printable, making it hard to utilize 3D printing and convert digital files into physical objects, blocking the potential of the industry,” added Baha Abu Nojaim, MakePrintable CTO and Co-founder. “Our strength and value with MakePrintable is that we transform these digital files into a printable form, unleashing massive potential in various industries that can utilize 3D printing.”

MakePrintable has already been tried and tested by clients such as Daz 3D, a 3D content and software company specialising in 3D human models. "For some time now, DAZ 3D has been looking for a 3D print solution for DAZ Studio creations,” explained Berkley Frei, DAZ’s 3D printing vice president. “However, the geometry in a DAZ 3D character assembly, out of the box, is extremely difficult to make printer friendly. We've tried dozens of 3D print cleanup solutions and pipelines but the results have always been unsatisfactory. We have been very impressed with what we've seen and tested with MakePrintable and we look forward to following their progress as they enter public beta—we have high hopes for this tool.”



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galetrail wrote at 10/22/2015 12:51:46 AM:

What is the file format that it stores in Google Drive and Box? SVG DXF, DWG, etc?

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