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Tattoos have for years been a way for people to physically express themselves and their individuality through their physical appearances. Now, thanks to the ingenuity of a team of prosthetists who have started Create Prosthetics, a company specializing in the manufacturing and design of custom 3D printed prosthetic covers, amputees and those needing limb prosthetics will have the chance to express this same individuality. Recently, on October 5th, 2015, Create Prosthetics launched its very first line of customizable 3D printed prosthetic leg covers.

Create Prosthetics was founded in 2015 by Jeff Erenstone, the company’s CPO, and his partners Dan Kelleher and Art Hobden. Erenstone, the President and Head Clinician at the Mountain Orthotic and Prosthetic Services in Lake Placid, NY found that what was lacking from the field of prosthetics was the opportunity for patients to customize their artificial limbs, to express themselves through them.

“More and more amputees are seeking prosthetics and covers that display their individuality and style,” says Erenstone, “Through 3D printing we are able to manufacture customized prosthetics in numerous colors while also embossing personalised images and patterns on the devices.”

In making the prosthetic covers, Create Prosthetics has employed the use of a new proprietary material called “Flexy Fit Prosthetics.” The Flexy Fit filament is fed through a 3D printer like any other material only the result is a product that is form-fitting, lightweight, durable, and above all flexible. The material of the covers is made to accommodate dynamic leg motion, with the option of a Removable Rib Flex, made from a softer rib material, for prosthetic feet with a high degree of ankle flexibility.

 Having been developed by prosthetists, the Create Prosthetic covers have also been designed with easy installation and removal in mind. In choosing a prosthetic cover type you have the option of four types of openings (pictured below): natural, partial split, partial split with clasps, and full split with clasps.

In terms of customization, Create Prosthetics offers a wide range of choice for the covers’ designs. Amputees have the option of choosing natural looking covers custom fit to the prosthetic, ready-wear designs, or personalized and custom covers. The personalized covers allow for patients to select any image or photograph to be embossed onto the prosthetic cover. A custom cover would entail the patient working with one of Create Prosthetics’ designers to come up with a design concept.

Arthur Hobden, the company’s Chief Design Officer explains, “We can manipulate the covers into a variety of shapes and sizes to fit a client’s desires. By speaking directly with prosthetists and their patients we are able to design a totally unique cover that captures the individuality of the amputee.”

One of Create Prosthetics’ patients, whose testimony is featured on their website, explains that she had a Rosie the Riveter tattoo on her leg that she lost in the Afghanistan war. Through the ability to personalize her prosthetic leg cover, she now has Rosie the Riveter on her leg once again.

The range of opportunity offered by Create Prosthetics in terms of design is virtually unlimited thanks to 3D printing technology. “For too long prosthetic leg covers have been either hard to work with and uninspired, or too expensive,” says CPO Jeff Erenstone, “We can now offer lightweight, flexible, customized covers that are affordable and attractive.”



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