Oct 30, 2015 | By Kira

PyroGenesis, the Montreal-based clean-tech company dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing leading plasma waste-to-energy systems and plasma torch products, announced they it will be joining the additive manufacturing (AM) industry by producing specialty metal powders for AM, and specifically for 3D printing applications. The powders are derived from their patented Plasma Atomization Process (PAP) and could generate over $10M profit per year per system for the company.

According to PyroGenesis, the Plasma Atomization Process is an enabling technology for 3D printing and other additive manufacturing and high-temperature metallurgy applications that produces ‘highly flowable’ and very pure spherical metallic powders, characteristics that are highly sought out in 3D printing.

The technology allows for a high level of traceability and control of the particle size and higher production rates, making it ideal in terms of the chemistry and properties required by the biomedical and aerospace industries. In addition, PAP technology is already qualified for use in producing the powder feedstock for numerous 3D printing systems and platforms. The company filed a provisional patent for PAP earlier this year.

The development of PAP for 3D printing applications arose after the company saw a unique opportunity to enter the rapidly growing additive manufacturing industry, which is creating growing demands for reactive metal powders to be produced and distributed at higher rates than ever before. “While delivering the first of ten Plasma Automization Systems to a client, an opportunity arose to test certain parameters which PyroGenesis identified as having the potential of improving both the production rate and purity of powders,” said Peter Pascali, President and CEO of PyroGenesis. “The decision was taken, with the customer, to strategically delay delivering the first system to allow for this testing. This strategic delay not only resulted in a patent application by PyroGenesis, but paved the way for PyroGenesis to consider producing powder for 3D printing on its own."

The company has already identified customers interested in procuring the PyroGenesis powders—though not yet in the quantity that would justify the purchase of a Plasma Atomization System. However, with a total investment of just $1.7 million, they could be producing these specialty powders within nine months. They also estimate that they could generate over $10 million profit per year per system from powder sales alone, and are thus already in the process of securing funds.



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