Oct 30, 2015 | By Kira

Despite their ongoing ups and downs, 3D Systems remains one of the biggest players in 3D printing, with proprietary research and technologies that are advancing the industry in every possible area, from consumer-oriented 3D printed wearables to patient-specific 3D printed cardiology models to be used in surgical planning. In their latest high profile move, 3D Systems today announced a major partnership with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) to jointly develop 3D printing technology and materials for automotive, medical, wearable, aerospace and other commercial and defense applications. The 3D printing research will take place the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

According to 3D Systems, their personnel will serve as guest researchers, collaborating with the ARL's material scientists on-site at the proving ground, where the U.S. army routinely tests military weapons, technology and tactics. One of their primary goals will be to develop hybridized 3D printing manufacturing applications, such as in-field manufacturing, and depot-level maintenance and repair, both of which are aimed and reducing the Army’s overall logistics burden.

Under the Open Campus initiative, companies, universities and government agencies can apply to access the ARL’s newly acquired inventory of 3D Systems 3D printers, which includes state-of-the-art Stereolithography, Direct Metal and MultiJet 3D printing machines. The Open Campus initiative is a collaborative endeavor that seeks to build a science and technology ecosystem, inviting scientists and engineers to work with visiting scientists, encouraging "advances in basic and applied research areas of relevance to the Army."

The partnership will bring the ARL’s expansive high-tech materials characterization toolset together when leading polymer and metals scientists from the government and industry. Given both company’s extensive knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge innovations in the field of digital manufacturing, the partnership is sure to mean major advancements in the very near future for the aerospace, automotive and medical industries in particular.

"Equipping our soldiers with the most cutting edge technology requires innovations throughout our supply chain. We are pleased to embark on this cooperative R&D agreement, which will undoubtedly unlock new scientific discoveries and industrial innovation,” said Larry Holmes, ARL’s Principal Investigator in this effort.

Aerial view of the Aberdeen Proving Ground

"The United States Army is both a leader and innovator in adopting 3D printing technology," said Neal Orringer, 3DS' Vice President of Alliances and Partnerships. "Through its Open Campus initiative, the ARL is not only advancing high-tech collaboration, but also—more importantly— breaking new ground in fielding new materials and systems that support American soldiers, and we are proud to be the Army's partner."

The ARL and 3D Systems will showcase their new 3D printing research facility at the Open Campus Open House, taking place November 3-4 at the Aberdeen Proving Ground.



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