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Warsaw, Poland based UAU project has recently produced a range of stylish 3D printed products for the home, including a miniature greenhouse, a minimalist floor lamp and a trendy watering can. UAU project is a product and graphic design studio, which specialises in eco-friendly designs and natural materials. The project is run by duo Miłosz Dąbrowski and Justyna Fałdzińska, both of whom studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

One of UAU’s most impressive designs is its GROWW 3D printable ‘minimal greenhouse’. The miniature device, comprised of a 3D printed base and an upturned glass jar, is a minimalistic single-plant greenhouse, aimed at horticultural enthusiasts who lack sufficient space or a garden in which to practice their art. GROWW is a 3D printable gardening experience for the inner-city resident; a greenhouse for a studio flat.

The 3D printable base of the GROWW is designed to interlock seamlessly with most common jars in the US and EU: the wide mouth Mason Jar for our American friends, and the 82mm diameter thread jar for those across the Atlantic. The operation of the GROWW jar is simple: soil, seed, and water go into the 3D printed base, the jar goes on top, and the plant begins to grow. You barely need to lift a finger, except for topping up the soil with water. Additionally, the secure device is easy to transport, with minimal risk of soil spillage. 

The STL files for GROWW are available to download for a minimum contribution of €6 at the UAU project website, with the 3D printable section made up of four separate parts in four separate files—meaning users can adjust the entire colour scheme of the miniature greenhouse. That means no more colour clashing between your kitchen tiles and your miniature greenhouses. Hooray! Some technical stuff for the makers: UAU project recommends 3D printing the GROWW components with at least 3 shells and at least 3 bottom/top layers, at a print speed of 18mm/s.

Another of UAU’s fun and useful items for the home is its 3D printed SMF.01 floor lamp, which we covered back in July. The super-cool lamp is made up of 3D printed parts, wood strips, light cord and a bulb socket. The fixture is the first item of UAU’s SMF (Self Made Furniture) project that aims to include a series of designs over time that can be 3D printed and combined with other elements including wood.  The decision to make the collection 3D printable is to help encourage and inspire people to become makers. All parts of the SMF.01, as well as those of future designs, are cheap and easily available from hardware stores. The idea was to make the design, fabrication and assembly of the lamp as simple, cheap and accessible as possible.  

The assembly process for the lamp is very simple and doesn’t require any specialized skills other than connecting parts together.  Additionally, thanks to the easy interlocking design considerations, there is no need for fasteners including glue, nails or other products. The four STL files for 3D printable floor lamp are available to download online, also for a minimum at €6. The floor lamp looks like a great excuse to practice one’s 3D printing skills whilst providing a fashionable piece of furniture for the lounge.

A more striking and provocative item created by UAU project is its Viking watering can, which could be used outdoors or to keep a GROWW plant fresh. The Viking, which can also be used as a vase or jug, was conceived as a 3D printable object, but evolved into a ceramic piece. Frankly, it’s a beauty! And we’d happily keep one of these in our office to keep our (not 3D printed) plants healthy. The awesome product will be available soon on the studio’s website, and will be available in nude, white, red or cobalt. Make it match your GROWW!

One of the studio’s most light-hearted productions is its set of Cork Pals 3D printed toys. We absolutely love these! Conveniently, we also love drinking wine, and these little figurines, which include characters like ‘Frankly My Deer’ and ‘Tapir Rex’, each consist of two 3D printed end pieces, which connect to any regular wine bottle cork. The cork acts as each Pal’s body, with the 3D printed parts acting as the head and tail. The 3D printed parts of the recycled toys are designed to be 3D printed in PLA filament, which any self-respecting maker will have in good supply. Fans of toys/wine/both can download three Cork Pals for free at Thingiverse, with two more available to purchase at 3D Cults. Our personal favourites are Fishy Fish and Tapir-Rex. Both would liven up any dinner party.

Cork Pals: Tapir-Rex (T-Rex)

Cork Pals: Fishy Fish

We can’t wait to see more of UAU project’s work—especially its next SMF instalment. Keep following 3Ders for more updates on the Polish duo’s work. We won’t let them out of our sight!




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