Nov 11, 2015 | By Benedict

It’s been a busy year for German RepRap. Having only released its X350 3D printer in May, as well as its X1000 large scale 3D printer and carbon fibre filament, the Feldkirchen, Munich based company has now released an updated version of the X350. The X350pro, available for shipping in six weeks’ time, promises improved quality and exciting new features, such as a USB interface and dual extruder.

Far from simply tacking new features onto the X350, the X350pro actually features an entirely redeveloped structure, promising greater strength and stability. A stronger housing has been combined with improved 12mm diameter shafts. These structural improvements to the 3D printer have produced a noticeably beneficial effect on print quality. Vibration has been largely eliminated, allowing the nozzle to move precisely with minimal disturbance. In addition to these structural enhancements, the X350pro permits manual calibration of the X and Y axes, for simple post-transport adjustment and minimal setting up time.

Dual extruders are becoming more and more common amongst industrial 3D printers, and the X350pro becomes the latest model to boast this useful feature. The new printer’s DD3 extruder comes with a full metal hot end, and is compatible with a range of filaments such as carbon reinforced Carbon20 and TPU93, thanks to its variable contact pressure and gapless filament feed. Its second extruder is even capable of processing water-soluble material such as PVA; which comes in very handy when printing washable support structures. Naturally, the dual extruder is also capable of creating 3D prints with two colours, which opens up a range of design possibilities.

The German company has abandoned the build platform used on the X350, and borrowed more heavily from its X1000 cousin. The new ceramic platform, which adopts the X1000’s horizontal design, has no drill holes, and is positioned horizontally in a frame atop the silicon heater insulation. To keep calibration quick and easy, German RepRap has kept the three-point fixture of the X350.

Another important new feature of the X350pro is its direct PC connection via USB. The 3D printer can also be addressed via Ethernet and WiFi, but no longer exclusively. The new printer can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet, and users have the option to install a webcam monitoring system for remotely keeping an eye on print progress.

Shipment of the X350pro will begin in six weeks, and further information can be found on the company’s website.



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truth wrote at 11/12/2015 9:31:56 AM:

is this made by muslims too?

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