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3D Slash, a 3D modeling software solution whose goal is to make 3D modeling as fun, easy, and accessible as possible for children and adults alike, today announced that they will launch a free version of their app for Raspberry Pi. The 3D Slash app can be incorporated into the Pi-Top B+, a Raspberry Pi-compatible laptop to create a collaborative system for users of all skill-levels and ages to design and code electronic-based objects, including robots and PCBs. The app will be available to download for free as of November 17th.

Created just last September by French designer Sylvain Huet, 3D Slash combines intuitive cube-based 3D modeling software with Minecraft-inspired aesthetics, inviting children and non-designers to approach 3D modeling as they would a video game. Similarly, 3D Slash’s Raspberry Pi app will provide a “fun initiation to 3D modeling…with intuitive features in a gamified environment.”

For its part, Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, credit-card sized computer that is widely used by makers in computing and coding projects. It plugs into a computer or TV (or the Pi-Top, a Raspberry Pi-based laptop) and can handle all kinds of nifty applications. Until now, however, 3D modelling has not yet been available on the Raspberry Pi. When incorporated into the Pi-Top B+ laptop, the 3D Slash Raspberry Pi app will offer a seamless and intuitive platform for children and adults alike, allowing them to create personalized 3D models.

“Raspberry Pi focuses on broad access to IT for all, from hardware to software. At Pi-Top we encourage our community to build their own robots, PCBs and IoT. 3D Slash completes the picture with a fun and fast-learning 3D app to turn the creations of users into reality,” said Pi-Top.

“We share the same values regarding friendly IT education, which includes beginners, and the desire to put the power of creation into the hands of the people,” added CEO Sylvain Huet.

CAD modeling and 3D printing can be an intimidating skill set to enter, particularly for those with no technical training and who believe they need expensive software and hardware kits to get set up—but that doesn’t mean non-designers should be excluded. Thanks to its game-like interface and free downloadable format, 3D Slash’s Raspberry Pi app is making great steps towards opening up the world of 3D modeling and making.



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