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Has Christmas come early for Halo 5 players? It certainly seems that way. As fans of the first-person shooter game eagerly await the release of The Battle of Shadow and Light update, which 343 Industries announced should be made available any day (or hour) now, the company has also revealed that, as of this Friday, gamers will be able to customize and 3D print replicas of their in-game Spartans through the Halo Waypoint website. The 3D printing service is possible thanks to a partnership with 3D print and software development company, Sandboxr.

Attendees of San Deigo Comic-Con or Gamescon last summer were able to purchase 3D printed Spartans from Halo 5: Guardians, however since the game hadn’t been released, they were generic characters. Yet when it comes to on-screen avatars, there is a level of connection that many players experience.

Even though you can’t see your Spartan’s face during gameplay, you go through a lot with them, fighting battles in order to earn specific armor and weapon configurations, which you can color yourself. Through Sandboxr’s 3D printing service, players can now recreate and immortalize their hard-earned supersoldier armor in real life.

So far, it seems like players will only be able to select the armor, helmets and visors they have already unlocked through REQ packs for their 3D printed models, meaning this is also great incentive for players to want to unlock as much as they can in order to 3D print better models (well played, Halo.)

The Halo Waypoint site already shows two of the shiniest new REQs for the Battle of Shadow and Light update, the Shinobi and Tracer armor sets, which look pretty wicked and would make for great 3D printed models to add to a set of collectible figurines:

The 3D printing service will be incorporated directly through the Halo Waypoint website, enabling customization and ordering with the click of a button. Sandboxr has announced that there will be three available sizes for the 3D printed models with corresponding prices:

  • Small: 4-5” $29.99
  • Medium: 5-5.5” $49.00
  • Large: 6-7” $89.99

They are also offering free shipping until December 6—a great incentive for the holidays (well played, Sandboxr).

Earlier this year, Sandboxr was also named as part of a partnership between Amazon and 3D Systems to offer customized 3D printable figurines directly within Amazon.  The partnership allowed game and entertainment companies to utilize Sandboxr’s custom 3D printing platform to provide fans with unique and customizable full-color figurines of their favorite characters from franchises including Smite, Primal Carnage and Infinity Blade.



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