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Given the current wave of tragedy, crisis, and violence seen across the world, it seems as though what humanity needs is less anger, hatred, and tension, and more understanding, empathy, and above all, love. That is precisely the message French artist Gilles Azzaro is hoping to convey with his unique 3D printed pendant titled LOVE IS THE ANSWER, which he created by obtaining a 3D layout of the stereophonic sound waveforms of the words themselves.

Azzaro, who describes himself as a ‘voice sculptor’, has been interested in the invisibility of sounds, and how they could be materialized and interpreted through 3D technology. After studying at the University of Toulouse and the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (IRCAM), he received the patent for his project “3D Materialization of movement of sound waves and/or videos in space”, an important advancement in the materialization of sound using 3D technology.

For LOVE IS THE ANSWER, Azzaro focused on putting his most positive thoughts into designing a unique, wearable piece of art. Though it may be hard to visualize the sound of love, Azzaro recorded a soundbite of himself saying “love is the answer”, and transformed it into a 3D layout using cutting edge digital technologies. The 3D layout was then entered into 3D printing software in order to create a physical model of the optimistic message.

“The thinking, message and inspirition behind the jewel reflect a desire to embrace life and love,” said the artist. “A modern message of universal Peace aimed at spreading common sense, joy, happiness, optimism in changing our way of thinking and exchanging Love using actions and positive thinking.”

In order to spread this uplifting and inspiration message, you can now purchase your own 3D printed LOVE IS THE ANSWER pendant through Shapeways. The pendant is available in either Strong & Flexible Plastic in a variety of colors (white, black, red, blue, or yellow); or in Stainless Steel in various finishes (matte or polished gold and bronze, polished nickel, matte black, or polished grey). Prices range from roughly $28 for the plastic 3D printed pendant, to $153 for the polished gold steele. 3D printed on-demand by Shapeways, the LOVE IS THE ANSWER pendent is made specifically for you to reduce waste or overproduction.

Born in Casablanca, Azzaro’s work groundbreaking work in the 3D materialization of sound has been featured internationally. His work includes an architectural concept whereby the shapes of buildings are determined by voiceprints, and a 3D printed sculpture of Barack Obama’s voiceprint, which earned him an invitation to the White House Maker Faire and was showcased next to the President during his opening speech. He even created specially-made LOVE IS THE ANSWER pendants for Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama. Azzaro is also a member of the board and actively involved in the development France’s very first FabLab in Toulouse.

“Humans are their own predators, responsible for many horrors, wars, injustices, cruelty and ignore what should animate our lives: Love,” said Azzaro. “’LOVE IS THE ANSWER’ is a unique countercurrent creation, against what humans individualistically produce and consume.

In another moving 3D printed tribute to peace and optimism, designer Samuel Bernier has recently posted the models for LeFabShop's 3D printed Paris Lamp, which was inspired by the architecture and design of the city’s iconic Eiffel Tower, and created as a reminder that "the city of light will always be the symbol of all these things, no matter what they do to it.”



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