Nov 29, 2015 | By Alec

With Thanksgiving having come and gone, the world can get ready for the next huge festive event. Usually, that would be Christmas, but with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens taking a place a week before, much of the internet is getting into completely different spirits this year. By why not combine the two? And no, I’m not talking about the 1978 holiday special TV movie. Why not get into the Christmas atmosphere with the help of some festive Star Wars decorations? Fortunately, you can do so in style, as designer Martin Hajek has just shared some very cool 3D printable designs for a BB-8 tree ornament.

BB-8, of course, is one of the few droids to get some screen time in the trailers for the upcoming movie, and has appeared all over the web in an extensive fanboy campaign. A ball-like droid, it is suspiciously seems to be the key tool in a massive Disney marketing campaign for toys and whatever you can think of, but the fans are eating him up. Numerous 3D printed BB-8s have already appeared all over the place, but this latest design is the first Christmas-esque one to our knowledge.

But of all the 3D printed BB-8s we’ve seen, this is arguably the most detailed and beautiful one. It has been designed by designer Martin Hajek, who is especially known in Apple fanboy circles for his 3D renderings of rumored iPhone and iPad releases. He also occasionally dabbles in 3D printing such as this 3D printable concept rendering of the iPhone 6 he shared online last year.

However, he is obviously also a Star Wars lover like the rest of us, and has shared this very cool BB-8 tree ornament through his website. ‘Add some Star Wars to your Christmas tree by 3D printing this adorable droid! The force is strong in this Christmas decoration!’ he says. While the model visible here has been 3D printed in resin on a Form 1 3D printer, Hajek has ensured that OBJ, STL, 3DS and MAX formats are available so you should be able to 3D print it on any desktop model you own.

The model itself comes in two parts, the head and the body. Simply 3D print it, assemble and spray paint it in gold for the desired festive appearance. You can find the necessary files on Turbosquid here, though they will cost you $10 to download. Still, much cheaper than what Disney wants from us.



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