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French startup Babines wants you to completely re-think your conception of lollipops. Forget those flat, no-name sugar gobs handed out at doctor’s offices, and instead picture original handcrafted designs, personalized and cheeky branding opportunities, and totally Instagram-worthy sweets, all manufactured through a unique combination of artisanal craftsmanship and 3D printing technology. This is Babines: a design-conscious lollipop for the modern age.

Founded by 24-year-old Victor Barnouin, Babines is out to prove that new technologies and traditional craftsmanship are not incompatible—rather, they are complimentary. Original shapes and designs are drawn and transformed into 3D printed molds at their studio in Paris. The lollipops are then meticulously crafted by a master confectioner in Loire, near St-Etienne, who works and pours the sugar by hand.

The studio offers a wide variety of original, trendy designs (from dollar signs to rocket ships), as well as a customization service for brands that want a fun, high quality, and eye-catching way to reach consumers. Barnouin said that in the past, he worked for several high profile brands and remarked that all of them were constantly looking for new, high-end ‘goodies’ that would make them stand out. He thus came up with the idea of an artisanal, adult-friendly concept lollipop.

With their 3D modeling software, Babines can create just about any shape based on 50 different models, and produce small to medium-sized batches for events or campaigns. According to the company, the 3D printed molds are made with food-safe silicone, and the 3D printing process allows them to create personalized, small-batches at a low-cost. Meanwhile, the fact that they are cast by a master confectioner ensures that each individual product is of the highest quality.

And of course, it’s not just about appearance—the confections are available in a variety of flavours, including lemon, cola, strawberry and blueberry.

Currently the lollipops are available online and at local events, however they will soon be sold at a variety of Parisian boutiques. Since the company is still in its earliest stages, their goal right now is to expand their brand—which they are accomplishing rather well thanks to their racy campaign, shot by Italian photography Emanuele Ferrari.

Combining 3D printing technology, traditional craftsmanship, and design-conscious branding all within an irresistibly sweet lollipop? Babines is definitely bringing the sexy back to artisanal goods.



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