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Fans of U.S. talk show host Larry King may remember a June 2014 episode of “Larry King Now” which gave viewers a glimpse of our 3D printed future. Those who caught the show might have thought they were seeing double, as King showed off a miniature 3D printed figurine of himself. That 3D printed figurine was produced by CoKreeate, an Alhambra, California based 3D printing studio which offers a bespoke 3D scanning and printing service for clients. Although the company offers a range of services, the company has garnered a reputation for its miniature 3D printed celebrities, created with the help of an Artec Eva 3D scanner.


CoKreeate has already teamed up with a number of household names, including the aforementioned King, comic book legend Stan Lee and R&B singer Christina Milian, each of whom have had their miniature likenesses 3D printed by the Californian 3D scanning and printing company. When King ran his 3D printing feature show, his production manager contacted CoKreeate about the possibility of 3D printing a miniature Larry, with the company only too happy to oblige. “Larry King was very excited to see his miniature figurine,” said co-founder William Co.


The company met Marvel co-founder Stan Lee and his assistants through a mutual friend, wrestler and comic book writer, Brimstone. “We met Brimstone at our first convention at Comikaze, and we instantly became good friends,” William recalled. “Brimstone introduced us to Stan Lee’s assistants and we connected and talked about creating miniature Stan Lees as a product for fans. They have become more than just our friends; they are a part of our CoKreeate Family. Stan Lee is very gentle and kind. He is always down to earth, very humble and is just such a great guy to do business with.”

To deliver its mini celebs, 3D printed prototypes and various other prints, CoKreeate uses an Artec Eva 3D scanner. “We decided to purchase Artec Eva for its reasonable pricing, fine resolutions, technical specs, and portability,” William explained. “Its portability is great for traveling to the costumers for their convenience. We can do projects for clients who may not be able to travel to our studio location.”

Whilst the family-run company is over the moon with its 3D scanning and printing equipment, the process of 3D scanning a human model can be a tricky one. Since models have to hold their pose for 3-5 minutes, they need to choose a comfortable position. Once this has been achieved, a member of the CoKreeate team takes the Artec scanner, before using that same company’s Artec Studio software for post-processing. The figurines are then 3D printed on a ZCorp 3D printer.

For those models who struggle to hold their pose for 3-5 minutes, the Artec technology helps to clean up any alignment problems. “The Eva provides great features such as constrained alignment to help align scans that are out of proportion,” William explained. “This feature is great and saves time in aligning scans together.”


"Check out 1 of 3 dope figurines @cokreeate made for me. So crazy." wrote Milian on her Instagram page. "Look out for our accessory collab coming soon."

CoKreeate has big 3D printing plans for the near future. As well as working on a gallery of 3D printable files which will be made available for free on its website, the company also plans to start 3D printing in bronze and gold. The scanning experts will also be renewing their acquaintance with Stan Lee and Christina Milian, with whom they plan to design a range of 3D printed products and accessories.



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