Dec 7, 2015 | By Benedict

A few weeks ago, we brought you news of the brilliant and versatile ReallyMake 3D printing pottery app. The virtual clay shaping tool, currently exclusive to the Android platform, allows potential porcelain-pushers to create a virtual piece of pottery by spinning, moulding and painting an on-screen vessel or work of art. But the story doesn’t end there: when users have completed a design, they can use the ReallyMake app to find a nearby 3D printing hub or custom pottery shop which will bring their virtual product into reality.

The decision by ReallyMake to include both 3D printing bureaus and custom pottery shops within its in-app directory gives creators a high degree of flexibility. Virtual clay spinners can choose to have their creations 3D printed in plastic or another 3D printable material, either as final products or test pieces, or have them professionally replicated using traditional pottery techniques. The fully integrated ReallyMake network even allows designers to sell their virtual designs to keen shoppers, so creative types can actually use the platform to start their own online pottery design business.

In order to widen its network and bring custom-made pottery to the masses, ReallyMake has now put out an open call to 3D printer manufacturers, distributors and resellers who might be keen to get on board with the project. The pottery app team has offered to prioritize those 3D printing companies who would be willing to distribute ReallyMake's product information via email and newsletters. These cooperating 3D printing companies will be placed higher on the app’s directory of 3D printing manufacturers, bureaus and craft pottery studios, so that app users are more likely to use their services. ReallyMake believe that the added exposure for 3D printer manufacturers will lead app users to consider buying their own 3D printing equipment.

ReallyMake is already on the hunt for 3D printing partners, and has targeted leading brands such as: Beeverycreative, bq's Witbox, CEL (Robox), Craftbot, FF3DP, Lulzbot, MakerGear, Printrbot, Stratasys, Ultimaker, UP3D, WASP, and Zotrax.

The company behind the pottery app believes that its handy virtual reality feature will entice users and business partners alike. "One of the most innovative features of our ReallyMake pottery app is the ability to create your own virtual art gallery, then view your art creation in the real world sitting on the table in front of you," said Dr. Jay P. Harrison, L.H.D., ReallyMake's Chief Technology Officer. "Our mobile app employs a novel 3D technology called 'augmented reality,' which can project a full 3D version of the user's pottery onto any real world surface of their choosing, such as a shelf, table or kitchen countertop. This is the first time this type of capability has ever been available on a mobile device and opens an entire new world of possibilities.”

3D printing businesses looking to get on board with the project should contact ReallyMake directly, whilst those who are simply keen to get their hands on the digital potter’s wheel can download the app at the Google Play store.



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