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Making repairs on cruise ships has never been plain sailing, but 3D printing continues to make the process simpler. 3D Scanning AS, a subsidiary of The Maritime Group of Norway, has announced a partnership with 3Discovered of Chicago, in order to quicken the supply of 3D printed parts for its cruise ship repair and retrofit service business.

The partnership, which was announced on November 24th, will allow 3D Scanning to quickly acquire a greater number of parts for its new and retrofitted equipment installations. The Norwegian company, which is quartered in both Miami and Oslo, is a global supplier of 3D digital data capturing, specializing in data capture for improved engineering and project execution. It is part of the Maritime Group of Norway alongside sister companies TECO, Scanship and Nordic Made.

Although 3D Scanning works with a range of clients on a range of different projects, its partnership with 3Discovered has primarily been orchestrated to improve the distribution of 3D printed parts for cruise ship repair. 3D printed parts are particularly useful for older vessels whose parts are no longer produced by the original manufacturer. As long as a virtual 3D image of the desired part can be rendered, production of the physical component is a routine process.

3D scanning has expressed its delight at getting 3Discovered on board for what could prove to be a successful collaborative endeavor. “3D printed parts are an ideal match for our business which spans multiple ports and locations,” said Tore Enger, Executive Chairman of 3D Scanning. “Working with 3Discovered will allow us to source what we need, when we need it, and where we need it to better serve our customers who are operating globally on very tight schedules.”

Chicago based 3Discovered appears equally pleased with the partnership, and should learn the ropes of 3D Scanning’s business in no time. “3Discovered is very excited to partner with 3D Scanning,” said Peer Munck, Chief Executive Officer of 3Discovered. “Our distributed 3D printing fabrication platform makes a lot of sense for a geographically diverse operation such as 3D Scanning. A recognized innovator in its industry, 3D Scanning is again deploying the latest technologies and supply chain techniques in the most cost effective way to serve its customers and grow its business.”

3Discovered has been on our radar for a while, after emerging on the 3D printing scene in November 2014. The Chicago based company connects customers, product design owners and 3D printing service bureaus through a cloud-based online platform in order to facilitate transactions of commercial-grade 3D printable designs and products. This latest venture will see the company facilitate the production of 3D printed replacement parts for cruise ships. All aboard the 3D printing revolution.



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