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For those lucky enough to play, golf is a rare sport. It is as much of a science as an art; one that combines leisure, physical activity, and a healthy does of style (whether you’re a fan of pastel plaids or not). Now, Grismont Paris has combined luxury artisanship, state-of-the-art engineering, and metal 3D printing technology to unveil a line of limited edition, tailor-made golf clubs, designed by renowned 3D digital artists Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques. The line consists of three ornately designed club heads: Ori, Cés, and Air, which are available as of today from the bespoke French brand.

Grismont was founded by avid golfer and technophile Clément Pouget-Osmont, who discovered 3D printing technology a few years ago and became known for manufacturing custom golf club heads for his friends out of his Parsian apartment.  Since then, he has evolved his brand, turning clubmaking into a veritable science and working with engineers, artists, craftsmen and leading 3D printing specialists in order to provide golfers with cutting-edge, personalized equipment that will take their game to the next level.

Each Grismont golf club is unique to the golfer and made on-demand in France. The first step consists of working with traditional ‘clubmakers,’ experts such as Jean-Michel Quéva and Nicolas Tourkia, who manages l’Atelier de Golf in Paris. Grismont has a privileged partnership with the École National Supérieure des Arts et Métiers de Paris (ENSAM), which puts leading engineers to task in testing the ballistics, aerodynamics and resistance of each club. Every aspect, from the center of gravity, to the lie, loft, and offset, is carefully measured, weighted, and tested.

“Because golfers are unique, our goal is to provide every player the right instruments. Our technology allows us to build golf club heads individually in order to obtain every desired specification,” said Pouget-Osmont.

For this unique and limited edition line, Grismont worked directly with Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques. “One of the major goals of Grismont is to make golf clubs in very small series in collaboration with artists. To develop this newest collection of Grismont irons, I went to Pierre-Yves and Linlin to propose my idea. I had seen their work online and immediately loved it, and knew we could make a great bond.”

The Paris-based artists, known for their intricate 3D printed sculptures, worked closely with the technical team at all times to first digitally sculpt, and then 3D print each driving iron through BV Proto, a rapid prototyping service in Belfort that specializes in metal 3D printing with raw metal powders and selective laser sintering (SLS). The finishing options include gold, copper, or metal.

The result is beautifully designed and exceptionally crafted driving irons, inspired by ancient Oriental art and manufactured with extreme precision through advanced metal 3D printing technology.

Of course, Grismont’s bespoke irons come at a price—on average, a custom-made, 3D printed golf club will run you €1,500 depending on your specifications and chosen finish. A particular gold-plated number, is said to be priced at €4,000. Mind you, a golf club like this that would make even PGA heroes turn turf-green with envy could be well worth the price.

Previously, golf manufacturer Ping also released a 3D printed golf putter that could soon be put into production for VIP clients.



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