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For those makers who have spent hours browsing online trying to find the best 3D printing service and solution for having their 3D design additively manufactured, there is now a much faster and easier alternative thanks to Berlin based startup 3YOURMIND.

Essentially, 3YOURMIND is an online platform that was founded in 2014 by Stephan Kühr, Aleksander Ciszek, and Tobias Wunner, which allows its users to easily compare price and material options offered by 3D printing services and suppliers such as i.materialise, Shapeways, and Sculpteo.

3YOURMIND founders

The interface is user friendly and it offers its users an abundance of information, including not only price estimates from various 3D printing companies, but a range of materials including polyamide, alumide, ABS, gypsum, resin and various others, as well as an estimated shipping time per company listed.

To use 3YOURMIND you simply have to upload the 3D file that you want printed and the website will automatically test whether the file is 3D printable. If it isn’t, don’t worry either, because the web platform is equipped to repair the file and optimize its ability to be 3D printed. Once the file is ready to be 3D printed the website quickly generates a list of options for the design in question, which can be perused in a number of different currencies.

The startup also offers assistance to companies in all matters related to 3D printing, and has several plugins for CAD programs available on their website. As stated on their website, “3yourmind offers a full service for highly complex 3D prints, starting from data preparation and re-modelling to delivering the fully printed 3D models.”

3YOURMIND, which has so far seen quite a lot of success, with over 60,000 price and 3D printing inquiries per month, has also recently undergone a very successful second investment round during which they received a seven digit investment from Dr Hans J. Langer. Langer, the founder of EOS GmbH Electro-Optical Systems, a global leader in industrial 3D printers and laser sintering, is confident that the startup will continue to do well and expand internationally.

Dr. Hans J. Langer

Stephan Kühr says of the recent investment, “We are pleased to have Dr. Hans J. Langer, one of the world’s leading experts in the field of industrial 3D printing, on board with us as an investor. This financing round is a great milestone on our way to realizing our vision - with our online-platform we will make it easy for anybody to create and receive perfect 3D prints from only the best 3D printing services.”

Langer for his part has said that the startup “solves a huge problem to bring additive manufacturing to the broad masses” and that it will help save its customers lots of time and money.

3YOURMIND’s customers currently include international enterprises, architecture firms, research institutions, as well as many others. The company, which started as a spin-off venture from the Technical University of Berlin has now grown to have over 25 employees and two locations, one in Berlin and one in Breslau, Poland.



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