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Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will prevent La Poste customers from accessing free 3D printable models, learning 3D design, and contacting expert 3D advisors to get their 3D printing project up and running. That’s because French mail, banking, insurance, and digital service provider La Poste Group, in partnership with fellow French companies Cults and 3D Slash, has just set up an online 3D creative space, called ‘Innovate and Create in 3D’.

It’s already been two years since La Poste launched their 3D printing service at select postal offices, offering individuals and small businesses the opportunity to learn about 3D printing technology and to order small 3D printed items from a catalogue, or even custom models and prototypes.

That service seems to have been a hit, however as we know, the actual act of 3D printing is really just a small part in a much larger technological ecosystem that involves 3D modeling and design, 3D marketplaces, 3D model optimization, price quoting, material selection, technical advice, and a whole host of other decisions and actions that must be taken before the satisfaction of holding your physical 3D object, whatever it may be. In creating this online space, La Poste is seeking to consolidate all of these 3D printing needs and services into a single, easy-to-use website.

La Poste’s ‘Innovate and Create in 3D’ space offers three key services aimed at the general public, professionals, small businesses, or anyone new to 3D printing. First, working closely with Cults, the first French 3D model marketplace, the website offers a wide variety of free downloadable 3D models, ranging from jewelry to toys to household items and more. Directly tied-in with and powered by the Cults marketplace, the site also allows users to seamlessly connect through both platforms using their login details. Once a 3D model has been selected, users can either download it to 3D print at home, or send it to a La Poste advisor to have the 3D print ordered.

Second, with the click of a button, customers can seek advice directly from 3D modeling and printing experts who work at La Poste, whether they have technical questions, want to know about cost, or just aren’t sure where to start. Experts can easily respond to inquiries online and follow customers throughout the project. In certain locations, users can even visit their post office to meet the 3D advisor face-to-face.

Finally, through French startup 3D Slash’s online software, users can actually learn to create and design their own 3D models from scratch. Launched earlier this year, 3D Slash is an online software tool designed specifically for non-designers of all ages that introduces 3D modeling concepts through an incredibly simple game-like platform.

La Poste’s ‘Innovate and Create in 3D’ website was created in collaboration with Cults and 3D Slash through the company’s industrial accelerator, Start’inPost—a one-year program that helps startups boost their growth. In order to be as accessible as possible to all individuals who want to start in 3D modeling and 3D printing, the website is available across all digital devices (mobile, tablets and desktop) and is available in French and English.



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