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3Doodler has announced the finalists for the inaugural 3Doodler Awards, with the winning 3D printed designs divided into eight categories.

3Doodler occupies a unique position in the 3D printing community. Always spontaneous and never dull, the 3D printing pen remains the tool of choice for unrestrained 3D creativity. Since WobbleWorks started developing the 3Doodler in 2010, the device has gained a rabid cult following, thanks to its affordability, flexibility and user involvement. This 3Doodler community, comprised of additive scribblers of all ages, has a significant online presence, with weird and wonderful designs hitting social media platforms every day.

WobbleWorks initially captured that online momentum by launching the “Doodle-Off”, a fortnightly contest in which participants are encouraged to post their best designs, following a specified theme, via Facebook and Instagram. On October 28th of this year, 3Doodler decided to take that competitive spirit to the next level, by launching a larger scale contest in which doodlers would have a much longer period of time to create and perfect their very best 3D designs. The inaugural 3Doodler Awards, which will now take place every year, drew over 200 spectacular entries.


The finalists for the 3Doodler Awards, divided into eight categories, were announced on Tuesday, December 15th, and there were some absolute beauties amongst them. Of perhaps the greatest interest was the prestigious “Doodle of the Year” category—the Palme d’Oodle, if you will. In that super-category, a 3D printed St Basil’s Cathedral went head to head with a gorgeous additive bouquet, a mysterious undersea dancing figure and three other eye-catching designs. Anyone who has ever hopelessly tried to conjure up a 3D sketch of their own will realize just how special these submissions are. A significant level of skill and the steady hand of a surgeon are required for even the most basic of accurate designs, so works of this standard deserve quite the standing ovation.



Seven further categories made up the full complement of finalists: Fashion Finalists, Character Finalists, Artist Finalists, Wildlife Finalists, Interior Design Finalists, Mixed Media Finalists and Edu Finalists all took their place on the 3D podium. By arranging submissions in this fashion, the competition has showcased the wide range of creative possibilities afforded by the popular 3D printing pen, and will likely inspire more additive scribblers, from fashion designers to nature buffs, to jot the 3Doodler down onto their Christmas gift lists.





Besides the six themed categories and the overall “Doodle of the Year” group, 3Doodler selected six “Edu Finalists”, showcasing the best 3Doodled 3D prints produced by schoolchildren. This category contained some of our personal favorite submissions, which not only demonstrated a great deal of artistic potential in young hands, but an early willingness to get on board with 3D printing technology—something we at 3Ders can’t get enough of. Perhaps these students will end up winning the Turner Prize some day, or perhaps they will become expert engineers in the field of 3D printing. Either way, congratulations to them for their talent and hard work.



The 2015 3Doodler Awards should be considered a huge success. With over 200 submissions and 47 fantastic winners, WobbleWorks has truly inspired the 3D printing community to produce some magical works of art. Let’s hope next year brings the same level of talent and enthusiasm.



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