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3D printing and scanning technologies have made their way into many industries and fields, from medical applications, to fashion and accessories, but only recently have they begun to make an impact in a rather unsuspecting area - the cosmetics industry. Earlier this year we reported on a makeup applicator that uses 3D scanning technologies to perfectly apply makeup to its user's face, and now another breakthrough in 3D printed makeup has taken place as a UK based company has developed Adorn, a foundation pen that essentially 3D prints customized color foundation.

The 3D foundation pen, which itself looks like a combination between a standard foundation bottle and 3D printing pen, essentially utilizes a built in scanner and color mixing mechanism to create the perfect shade of foundation for your skin. To use the foundation pen you simply hold the scanner end of it up to your face in order to let it scan your skin pigments in darkness. Through the scan, the pen is able to find a matching color from about 75,000 skin tone shades it has in its color identification system, which is then blended in the pen’s cylinder and printed out in a small amount onto your finger.

As Adorn’s website explains, “Foundation is made up of blue, black, and white pigmentation. The shades you see in department stores, makeup emporiums, and pharmacies are mixed with different color ratios. Adorn expands on this process through cutting edge technology and the advancements of science.”

The benefits of this new technology are sure to excite any makeup wearers who have gone through the inevitable struggle of finding a near close match to their skin tone. Adorn allows for users of any skin shade or type to find their matching skin tone, and can adapt through the seasons as people tan in the summer or become paler in the winter months.

“They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We like to think it’s in one clever pen,” said an Adorn spokesperson. “No longer will ladies have to settle for coverage that’s too light or dark. With Adorn, they can print catwalk worthy coverage, at the touch of a button.”

The Adorn 3D foundation pen comes cutely packaged in a waterproof metallic casing that is available in a variety of colors and that can easily fit into a purse or makeup case. Normally, the 3D printing foundation pen retails for $279 but it is currently available on Adorn’s website for a reduced price of $139.

As 3D printed makeup slowly begins to take off, we are looking forward to more innovations within the industry and different types of applications for 3D printed makeup! As a spokesperson from Adorn added, “3D printing has transformed the global manufacturing industry and now, Adorn is bringing the cutting edge technology to the modern beauty sector.”




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