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With 3D printers now common tools for makers everywhere, electronics developers are increasingly working on other affordable making tools to bring to this blooming community. Portable and accessible 3D scanning tools and 3D imaging software solutions are often top priority, and no doubt the upcoming CES expo will showcase numerous solutions in both fields. And we know that at least one company will unveil interesting and affordable solutions. 3D content tool developers Cappasity has just announced that they have gathered an impressive $650,000 in a seed round, and will take a number of interesting 3D scanning solutions to CES that will make 3D content manipulation, including 3D printing, easier than ever.

Cappasity, of course, is a Houston, Texas-based developer of 3D content and 3D printing solutions. Founded in 2013 by Konstantin Popov, they have already released a number of interesting 3D engine software packages for making, apps, and even for 3D mobile applications. As they just revealed, their latest investment round of $650,000 involved numerous unnamed business partners, and will be used for the development of their 3D scanning and 3D reconstruction technology, as well as the launch of their own 3D cloud for e-commerce purposes. Even full body 3D scanning booths are on the agenda.

What’s more, the first results of their 3D scanning developments is expected as early as the end of 2015. Called Easy 3D Scan, this is a software package that you can already use in your own home. If you happen to have a laptop or tablet featuring an Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera, you can download the software package for free this December and start 3D scanning immediately. "You only need an Ultrabook with Intel RealSense 3D camera to be able to scan objects,” they say.

This software package is part of a next generation of convenient tools for 3D content, which will all be powered by the cloud, says CEO and founder Konstantin Popov. “We don't want to limit our services only to displaying 3D models -- we are also going to offer our clients the ability to export all measurements taken by our software so that they could be used in virtual fitting rooms,” he says. “Scanning booths and boxes will become an affordable business solution for those who would like to take measurements and get 3D models but do not have any special skills or expertise. Our technologies will help online retailers decrease merchandise return rates thanks to making the shopping experience more customer-oriented.”

While the exact advantages for 3D printing aren’t clear yet, they do say that the upcoming 3D scanning solutions are perfect for 3D printing applications. Doubtlessly, more about that exact use will be revealed during the CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada (6 to 9 January). There, they will showcase Easy 3D Scan, and even their upcoming full-body scanning booth and e-commerce scanning box. “You can also use our full-body scanning booth to scan and take measurements of human bodies and clothes. Or you can buy our all-in-one 3D scanning lighting box to make 3D models of objects in a fully automated way,” they say. Much, in short, is happening in terms of affordable 3D scanning solutions.



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