Dec 21, 2015 | By Benedict

Japanese 3D printing firm Kabuku, which runs the trio of Rinkak 3D printing service platforms, has launched a game avatar 3D printing service. The service has already been incorporated into Dragon Quest, a bestselling RPG for smartphones and other platforms.

A key element of many computer games, especially those within the role-playing genre, is the presence of a character avatar. The presence of an avatar, a unique figure representing the player’s own character, adds elements of customization and individuality to a user’s personal gaming experience. It is no surprise then that many gamers across many platforms feel some special affinity for the avatars with which they explore virtual worlds, complete missions and vanquish enemies. Japanese startup Kabuku, headquartered in Tokyo, which manages Japan's largest online 3D printing service Rinkak, wanted to capitalize on this special bond between player and avatar by launching the Rinkak 3D Avatar Printing Solution.

The unique 3D printing service is being targeted at game developers who wish to capitalize on the popularity of their games by creating unique, tailor-made merchandise. The service has already been taken up by Square Enix, developer of the immensely popular Dragon Quest game, a multi-platform RPG which takes its cues from anime and manga culture. The smartphone edition of the much-loved game was released on October 15th of this year, being downloaded over 5 million times within the first month of release. The game allows players to create and customize their own unique player avatar, which interacts with avatars of other players in the virtual universe. Now, thanks to Kabuku, these avatars can take the cross-dimensional step out of smartphone screens and into the real world, with the Rinkak app to be embedded into the game starting in 2016. Once incorporated into the game, players will be able to make quick purchases of their avatars, which will be 3D printed by Rinkak and delivered directly to the customer.

To promote the exciting new 3D printing service, Rinkak and Dragon Quest ran a special Christmas promotion offering 100 free avatar 3D prints between November and Christmas Day. The lucky recipients will each receive a high quality 3D print of their own personal Dragon Quest avatar. The paid service will become available to all Dragon Quest players in February 2016.

Kabuku has developed the infrastructure of its new 3D printing service to integrate with further smartphone-based games, and is seeking further partners with whom it can collaborate. Kabuku is able to fully handle the 3D modeling and 3D printing aspect of the collaboration, leaving game developers to focus on their own priorities. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding this exciting 3D printing enterprise.



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