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I love chocolate. Even the thought of a piece of rich Belgian chocolate makes my mouth water. Now, imagine you could take the delicious taste of Belgian chocolate and turn it into any shape you desired to impress or congratulate friends, guests, or even clients? This idea is the premise behind Belgian startup GoAhead Digital Agency, who are hoping to offer their clients a unique and delicious way to market their services or products using 3D printed chocolate technology.

GoAhead SmartFood 3D Printing was founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurs, Pascal Notermans and Dominique Grégoire, who had many years experience working in such varied fields as marketing, fashion, design, and multimedia before they turned to 3D printed foods. The startup is currently seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign to begin their first line of production. The company’s early goal is to break into the world of 3D printed chocolate as part of their “Food for Marketing” campaign, and they need to raise their kickstarter goal of €15.000 to get a head start.

Not simply interested in the 3D printed chocolate game, however, GoAhead SmartFood 3D Printing, as implied by the name, is also seeking to become “the first SmartFood 3D printing company in Europe.”

Smart foods, which the company describes as “those that have been developed through the invention of new or improved processes, for example, as a result of man-made materials/ingredients or human intervention” have been gaining a lot of attention recently, as they have the potential to store extra nutrients or serve different functions than regular food.

GoAhead are hoping to develop their SmartFoods and design their edible products using 3D printing technology, which will allow them to create customized shapes and designs for their clients. “The project relies on the development of intelligent food products including chocolate and giving them specific forms and customizing them. 3D printing offers a wide potential of possibilities,” says the company.

The kickstarter campaign, which expires on January 22nd, will fund the startup’s production of their first collection of “Smartfood Choco 3D Design Models” by financing the necessary equipment as well as the edible ingredients. The production is set to launch in February 2016.

The kickstarter rewards for pledges over €50 include various delicious 3D printed chocolate treats which increase in number the more is pledged. For the moment, GoAhead only appear to be shipping the rewards to certain countries, which include the United States and various European countries. So far, with just under a month left of the campaign, GoAhead have already raised two thirds of their goal.

If you’re interested in the potentials of 3D printed chocolate and smartfoods for marketing purposes, check out GoAhead’s video below.



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