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In the fashion world, people strive for individuality and to express themselves through their sartorial choices, which can sometimes be difficult with styles and garments being mass produced all over the world. Fortunately, thanks to the customizability afforded by 3D printing technologies, designers now have a way to provide fashion enthusiasts with a way to express themselves uniquely through their products, making bespoke and personalized items for their clients.

Perhaps one of the most expressive fashion design brands right now, XYZbag, an Italian handbag brand, quite literally embosses expressions on 3D printed handbags, allowing for innumerable customization options.

XYZbag was founded by Italian design duo Annalisa and Matteo who were both inspired by their love of handbags and their interest in the potentials of additive manufacturing technologies. As Annalisa expresses on the company’s website, “Always involved in design and technologies for plastic products, I was looking for new ways to communicate. To share my thoughts in a new medium, and above all, I was looking for a way to have fun. I always consider bags my partners in everyday life. Bags are much more than objects of desire.”

Using the “create your bag” online configurator, XYZbag clients can easily customize their handbags by choosing which words or phrases they want included on the stylish 3D printed purses. The user friendly online configurator, which generates the digital image of the bag as you use it, also allows for clients to visualize the final product before placing their order.

The inspiration behind including the text on the bags came not only from a want to give clients the possibility of expressing themselves but also from the recognition of the importance of text and type in our everyday lives. “We know that social recognition and texting are so important for digital natives today,” explains Annalisa. “And we would like to give them a special item to share with their friends that embodies their intimate urgency and tech savvy culture too.”

The bag itself, called 'Dada by You', is a small black 3D printed case that comes equipped with a closable pouch to be placed inside the casing and a vintage leather strap which can be threaded through the bag’s design to be easily carried. The Dada comes in two distinct styles, both measuring 12cm H x 18cm W x 6cm W, but each featuring a different surface finish. As mentioned, the default color on XYZbag’s website is black, though it is possible to specially request other colors.

As the company explains, “Users can inject their character and perspective into the 3D bag. A bespoken one could be created on request thanks to a tailored design process. They could choose among several options in which they will express their individual identities.”

Of course, because the products are custom made the wait time is considerable, though the company emphasizes that the time is spent custom making and 3D printing the bag to the highest quality. Additionally, because the bags are custom made by order, XYZbag practices a more sustainable approach to manufacturing.

XYZbag founders Annalisa and Matteo have set out to not only create another handbag for your collection, but are hoping to provide their clients with their defining handbag - a custom item that truly expresses the wearer’s personal style thanks to 3D printing. We know what our custom handbag will read, “3D printing rocks!”



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