Jan 6, 2016 | By Alec

3D printed selfies are becoming increasingly popular, and by now most of you will have seen someone on Facebook brag about it. If you’re considering getting one yourself, why not put an original spin on it and transform yourself into a super hero, a pirate, or a Stormtrooper? And no, we’re not talking about taking a suit into the 3D scanning booth. A new initiative by Funky 3D Faces will enable you to transform yourself in to a Lego figure of your choosing by turning photographs of you into custom 3D printed Lego heads that can be mounted on your favorite figure. And with the immense range of different Lego bodies available nowadays, you can become anything you want.

This fun initiative has been developed by Chris Lightfoot, who is based in Lincoln, England. By day, he is a 3D printing specialist who develops artificial bones for the medical industry and models for architectural firms, but likes to have a bit of fun too. "Although we do enjoy making bones and buildings we wanted to use the technology we had to make something fun and affordable to the masses," he says, and those projects are sold through his Funky 3D Faces.

And what could be more fun than Legos? Obviously, however, these cool custom Lego figures are in no way, shape or form affiliated with the actual Lego company – though they do make cool gifts. “They make fantastic family gifts, unique and personal wedding favors, fun items for stag and hen do’s and great corporate gifts,” Chris himself advises. But what about a more original reminder of your loved ones on your desk?

But it cannot be denied that the process behind these cool figures is rather impressive in its own right. While those 3D printed selfie booths need the help of dozens of high quality cameras, Chris makes these 3D printed selfies using nothing more than two photographs that are stitched together. Should you enlist his services, all you need to do is send him two clear photographs, one of the front of your face, and one from the side of your head. “We convert 2 photographs into 3D - then using sophisticated full-color 3D printers, we create eerily life-like 15mm high heads,” Christ explains. The head-making process even includes your choice in hair style and color.

The prints themselves are excellent quality, being 3D printed in a sandstone material. And of course, the heads have a hole in the neck so you can simply attach it to your favorite Lego figure. The entire process does take two weeks to complete and doesn’t come with the body, so you’ll have to find the perfect match yourself. Unfortunately, the custom 3D printed heads don’t come with an attachment for wigs or hats – as regular Lego heads do have – but perhaps that’s something for the future?

All in all, it’s a very fun concept and at around $30 per head, not too expensive either. Incidentally, Chris uses the same concept to turn your heads into magnets for on your fridge, but who doesn’t dream of being a Lego character?



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William Speir wrote at 2/26/2016 3:44:44 AM:

This is so cool😄😄

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