Jan 8, 2016 | By Alec

It’s become something of a tradition for tech companies and startups to save their biggest announcements for the annual CES convention in Las Vegas, and 2016 is proving to be no different. Just now, 3DprinterOS, known for their excellent 3D printing operating system, has announced that they will make it far easier for organizations and businesses to use their state of the art cloud system through the launch of a private cloud that will have all the advantages of their public cloud, but without the threat of IP loss.

As you might recall, 3DPrinterOS launched its public cloud in early 2015, where users can manage their 3D prints, fix, store and stream 3D designs to 3D printers, all while having access to complete data tracking and analytics. It was quite a big hit, with over 43,000 hours of printing across 4,100 machines in 96 different countries being recorded so far.

However, 3DprinterOS noticed that many businesses and other organizations stayed away from the public cloud serves, especially because they were concerned about the IP created during the 3D printing process and tracking that IP as it goes from design to 3D print. However, all those problems are now solved through the private cloud, which acts as a secure manufacturing platform for all employees of an organization. It allows groups to manage all files, users and machines from a central portal, essentially leveraging the power of a cloud within the confines of a business. “Where without the cloud, printers are often utilized by only 3-5 users trained specifically in the workflow that machine, with the 3DPrinterOS private cloud a single secure workflow can be taught to all users,” its developers proudly state.

It has also been extensively tested already, proving very safe and functional throughout the 1000s of hours of testing. ‘While working on the private cloud we especially kept in mind the security requirements of F500's and other enterprises,’ said CEO John Dogru, a former Lead Automated Manufacturing Engineer at Dell. It is intended for any enterprise and, they assure us, has all the benefits of a public cloud – providing a scalable platform for distributing access to 3D printers through a web browser.

What’s more, it’s also easily customizable to meet the demands of any particular business and gives enterprises access to all the advanced data analytics they need. They can track, among others, the life cycle of all prints, all revisions, keep an eye on all user comments, and do it all from a single interface. Big manufacturing enterprises including Jabil, Cisco and Ford have already started to use it, 3DPrinterOS says. ‘Our goal is to disrupt the $12 Trillion manufacturing market by providing a platform that can help save time and resources even beyond 3D printing,’ explained Dogru.



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