Jan 13, 2016 | By Tess

Japanese electronics giant, Sony, recently made headlines for having released the world’s first 4K smartphone, the Xperia Z5. Now, only months later, the company has created the world’s first 48k 360 degree video using the 4k enabled smartphones along with the help of a 3D printed rig.

The short video, which was premiered at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, impressed audiences with its 4k resolution and 360 degree images of the Rise Ski & Snowboard Festival in Les Deux Alpes, France, which took place from the 12-19th of December, 2015. The stunning vistas, and impressive ski tricks make for an entirely immersive and unique viewing experience.

As expressed on Sony’s official blog, “We set about capturing scenes from the slopes, including freestylers performing jaw dropping tricks in the park, high-speed racers on a giant slalom course and the stunning panorama looking out across some of the Alp’s best known peaks.”

The film itself was captured using twelve Xperia Z5 Compact devices which were set up to film in 360 degrees by being mounted on a 3D printed rig made specially for the smartphones. In terms of specs, the Xperia Z5 features a 5.5 inch 4k UHD (3840X2160), 806 pixels per inch display, and was ranked as having the best camera amongst leading smartphones in the DxOMark mobile rankings (where it scored 87 points, while the Apple iPhone 6 Plus scored 82). As each of the twelve cameras was filming in 4k, Sony has jokingly boasted that the film itself is in 48k, making it the first of its kind.

“The footage from each phone was painstakingly edited together to create our first 360 degree video, showcasing the unique capabilities of Xperia Z5’s camera technology,” reads Sony’s blog.

The video, which can be watched below, is quite impressive in any viewing format, though Sony recommends having the full immersive experience by watching and navigating the 360 degree space by using either Google Cardboard’s virtual reality mask, the Youtube Android app, or a Xperia Z5 series.

Though having 12 smartphones is perhaps not possible for most people, it is still extremely remarkable to see the artistic and technical feats that can be achieved using a handheld device. And, for any maker out there with a handful of cameras, perhaps a DIY 3D printed camera rig could be used to make more immersive 360 degree videos. In any case, we certainly expect more great things to come from this stunning technological stunt.



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