Jan 14, 2016 | By Alec

New Austrian filament manufacturer Extrudr has just unveiled three new tantalizing options for your 3D printer: a wood-like filament, a filament with a high quality pearl-like finish and a glow in the dark PETG filament – perfect for kids’ toys.

If you’ve never heard of Extrudr before, that’s hardly surprising. Though they have been popping up at a few 3D printing and making events here and there, they are actually a very young company from Austria. As co-founder Johannes Früh explains to 3ders.org, Extrudr is almost two years. “Together with my two partners we founded the company in February 2014 with the goal to produce high quality filaments in Europe. We are located next to the lake of Constance in the western part of Austria, between Switzerland and Germany,” he explains.

Over the past two years they have mainly been concerned with developing high quality 3D printing filament, and he ensures us that they have developed a top quality production line. “We can guarantee highest quality standards like Diameter, Resin, Roundness, Printability, etc.,” he says. “As part of the 3D printing community, we want to produce high quality filament to enter a new era of innovation and support every customer with our material to get brilliant printing outcomes.” Now of course plenty of startups will talk the talk, but Extrudr actually seems to walk the walk too, as they have just released some very exceptional filaments. Their focus is on three different materials: PLA, PETG and ABS, which are currently available in 14 different colors and 2 diameters (with other color options possible).

These three filaments feature some interesting material properties that add an extra dimension to your prints. The first is Extrudr Fichte, a wood-like 3D printer filament that is fully biodegradable. “Fichte is made out of Lignin and biopolymers which are 100% biodegradable containing Spruce-fibers coming from the southern part of Germany & Austria,” Johannes explains. “The non toxic filament is designed for a large application scope and imitates wood.” It is also completely compliant to European regulations on plastics that come into contact with food, so Fichte can be applied to a wide range of projects. It is extruded at a temperature of 170 to 200 degrees Celsius, on a printbed heated to 80 degrees. And its quality, meanwhile, makes it perfect for displayable items. The Fichte (2.85 mm) is priced at €56 / 1000g.

The same can be said for Extrudr Pearl which, like its name suggests, has a pear-like finishing to it. “Extrudr Pearl filament is made out of Lignin and some biopolymer which is 100% biodegradable & stands out for its elegant pearly appearance,” we are told. Perhaps a 3D print your wife will finally let you display? It 3D prints at an extrusion temperature of 160 -200C° on a heated printbed at 0-60 degrees. The Extrudr Pearl (1.75 mm / 2.85 mm) is priced at €56 / 1000g.

The last option is their PETG glowEx, which glows in the dark. It is actually just a PETG material and therefore fully recyclable, and features mechanical properties similar to ABS, but perhaps a bit tougher. “It is especially designed for a large and general applications scope, which the main requirement is the balance between optical and good mechanical properties. Very tough resin,” its makers say. While there are other fluorescent filaments available already, the Austrian makers say that this is the first super bright version available in Europe, and therefore fully acts like you expect a glow-in-the-dark material to act. “Compared to other fluorescent filaments on the market it prints as easy as PLA but shows similar material properties to ABS,” they add. The PETG glowEX ( 2.85 mm) is priced at €46 / 1000g. Perhaps perfect for some fun toys your kids will play with more than once?



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